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Monday, December 17, 2007

Beat Sheet Boogaloo

So, I've been off doing that whole pre-Christmas-party-and/or-preparation thing which has led me down the path of writing very late at night or early in the morning. It would seem that my body is getting quite finicky these days and I'm finding that my internal clock is doing its best impersonation of my mom's VCR.

I've been trying to break into some sort of pattern that will allow me to work out this beast of a challenge but my body seems to be fighting me tooth and nail. Probably doesn't help that I've got a million and one things on my mind either.

On the bright side I've got some decent progress on my beat sheet and I've decided to post the Teaser and the 1st Act while I work the second and third - I'm not really sure how long a Beat Sheet is supposed to be so I made it as long as I felt it needed to be - hopefully that's cool and I'm not breaking some secret writer template.

I've been busting my synapses trying to think of cool things so hopefully you'll all be able to follow it and see where I'm going.


Beat Sheet - Battlestar Galactica - "Reign"


Cylons invade New Caprica, Galactica and Fleet jump away.

Follow Galactica and Fleet

They all jump into frame.


Adama is there, skeleton crew in shock.

Adama orders update on fleet.

Introduce a shell-shocked Mr. Loomis – Civillian trainee/replacement for Mr. Gaeta – rest of crew isn’t much better. Many new faces.

Reveal that Galactica’s been trying to replenish ranks from Civilian volunteers

A Ship Captain calls in to talk to Adama, he’s in a panic.

Adama tries to calm him with little success.

Call ends. Mr. Loomis looks down at his screen, eyes wide, holding his earpiece.

“Um, Sir, we’ve got more incoming calls… sir”
“From who?”
“All of them”




Lee is drinking, flashback to sexy night with Starbuck

Dualla Enters

Dualla comforts Lee, offers advice, says Lee is working his team too hard, can’t take his stress out on others.

“Let us help.”

Lee is not responsive, continues his drink.

Dualla Leaves, unhappy.

Dualla walks through the halls of Pegasus, we see that Pegasus is becoming a Dump.


Adama’s reading reports, looks exhausted.

He starts dozing.

Snaps himself to attention

Wipes his eyes

Shakes it off

Adama re-focuses, goes back to reading.


Adama and Roslin lie on hilltop, watching fireworks.

They laugh, talk to each other.

A mysterious red flash in the darkness.

A moment comes, he pauses, unsure.

She smiles warmly.

They lean in to kiss.

Rosilyn pulls back, eyes wide.

“You left me to DIE!”

He rolls away, afraid.

Cylon Centurions storm them.

They tear Adama away from Rosilyn.

Cylons shoot Rosilyn in the head.


Adama snaps awake.

Adama washes his face, looks in mirror.

In mirror we see brief flash of his wife.

She says one word:


He grunts, looks away, dries face.

Phone rings.

It’s Helo, says people are gathered.

Adama leaves, walks through empty halls.

Adama hears/sees ghosts of his crew echoing around him.

Introduce Captain Figgis, Retired – dutifully cleaning the ship.


Lee is working his pilots hard.

Frustrated, he shouts at his pilots as they screw up again.

They’re tired.

Dualla asks why he isn’t over with his Father.

Lee responds that this is more important.

He slams his fist down as the run fails again.

CIC silences.


Adama holds press conference, press and Civilians are gathered.

Begins press conference – notable: few people in uniform attending.

Wife is in crowd.

She walks right in front of him as he speaks.

“Running. Always Running. That’s what you do. That’s who you are. Ran from your family, ran from your marriage. Now you run from your enemy.”

Adama keeps talking, uninterrupted, somehow able to make the disconnect.

“They killed your world, your people and you Ran. They found you again and guess what you did? Big shock, you ran!”

This gets to Adama.

He pauses, mid-sentence.

The crowd looks on, unsure.

Adama continues.

Says a plan is being formed, will rescue them – all of them.

Cuts meeting short.

A small faction stands up, decries this.

They say the others are dead, should leave them behind, continue to Earth.

They make a huge scene and are forcibly removed.

There are very few guards and it’s an actual struggle to get them out.

Rest of the crowd is shaken.

We see one man – MR. KARNS

He nods to another man who nods to a woman and so on.

We see a conspiracy afoot.

Mr. Karns walks toward the door, his shirt flaps away and we see a flashing bomb strapped to his chest.

One of the nodding men points at Mr. Karns and yells “BOMB”

Mr. Karns fumbles for the detonator but is subdued.

He grimaces as he’s held to the ground.

Those in the know smile as Adama follows the Guards and Mr. Karns out of the room.

“Mission Accomplished.”


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