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Monday, December 03, 2007

"They think they're the predators and we're the Gazelles."

Mr. Henshaw has a wonderful post on his blog talking about our need to stand united in the time of the strike. It's a great piece but what really got to me was the above quote.
The following is something I actually wrote in response to Jim's post but I realized that it would also make a pretty decent entry on my own blog so I've copied it here and expanded it a bit.

Now, the predator/prey analogy that's been used may have some footing to it but only if we allow ourselves to believe that we exist to be eaten. Remember, without 'prey' the Predators starve to death (and rather quickly I might add...)

If there's one thing I've realized in my short time on this Earth it's that the only reason people ever treat me poorly is because I allow them to; Especially those with 'power' over me. They play off my fear that I have so much to lose - and maybe I do, in the smaller scheme of things. But you know what? I'm still breathing, I'm still writing and the last person who ever talked to me like that is now out of business (not my doing).

Funny how people in general don't want to work with those who make them feel like shit. It's its own sort of natural selection, really.

I think Seth McFarlane sums it up beautifully in his recent WGA speech. You can see that here:

They may not always like us but they most definitely need us.

And, if you really think that you're helpless as 'prey' I urge you to take a look at this as well:

Strike or no Strike we should stick together, be strong and be proud of the gift we've been given: The ability to communicate the things dancing in our heads, to translate them - articulately - from dreams into words and SHARE them with others who've never even met us, no matter who or where they are.

That's pretty damn powerful if you ask me.

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