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Friday, December 07, 2007

Still no word...

The waiting game is probably the hardest one to play, especially when you've got a large stake in it.

It's now been about a month and a half since I submitted my show bible for Savage Knights to Ms. Meek and the CTV Writer Only Drama Development program. Alas, there is still no word back. I'm not really sure how long the process is supposed to take but being as I was told to expect word by the end of November I can't help but wonder what's up. I sent off a quick email yesterday asking for any sort of news and have yet to recieve a response (to that or another email I sent a week or so ago). It's a weird thing when you go from having somewhat regular, timely responses (before I sent off my package) to what seems like radio silence afterwards. It's times like this where my imagination kicks in and that might not be a good thing - I'm very imaginative, in this case, perhaps to my detriment.

Being new to this whole thing I don't have the ability to compare it to what would 'normally' happen, I don't know HOW these things are supposed to play out. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best knowing that I've essentially handed over the heart and soul of my show - characters, plotlines, backstory, everything - to a complete stranger who is no longer returning my emails.

Crap... my imagination is kicking in again...

Well, on the bright side, I'm not entirely dumb. I've got that property registered with every Writer's Guild in North America (excessive, I know...) and have more than a dozen people who've literally watched the progress of this work unfold. But it's the not knowing, the painful lack of communication one way or another that's getting under my skin.

I ended up having a brief conversation with Mr. McGrath when I was at Simon's going away (yeah... 'going away') party and one thing he told me, that I didn't quite get at the time, was 'don't give up your baby until you've got the clout to make it happen yourself'. I get it now.

I don't have any children but let me tell you, I feel like I've just let my kid run away from home. And, honestly, I'm not so much worried that they'll 'take' my idea - I mean, I don't think that would really happen in this day and age (hopefully). I'm worried about finding bits and pieces of its savaged carcass showing up in 'new' and upcoming programs.

Anyways, let's change gears before I drive myself batty.

In other, better, news I've been writing away and have 2 new 1st drafts for my show. Officially, they're the 1st and 2nd episodes after the pilot and the 3rd ep is about half way done. I've also been working on a Horror feature - I finished the treatment a while back, pitched it at I CAN pitch (a pitching workshop) a couple weeks ago to great response. Though I haven't heard any word back from that I've officially started the 1st draft of that script. Money? Ain't seen none of that yet but at least I'm getting it out of me and onto paper.

Looks like I'm building up a stockpile over here :P


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Hang in there...and then try try again.