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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Challenge...

So I just got hit with a bolt of inspiration. I realized today that my little story got started because someone else dug the spade into the clay and said "Here. Good Luck." That story burned out of me like a napalm geyser in the middle of a brushfire. And you know what? It was FUN. I got lost in it and I had a great time just running with it.

So I've decided to try something here - you can choose to take part or not (I'd really like it if you did). Every Monday I'm going to post a writing challenge. The idea is that you are encouraged to go anywhere you want with the idea, take it as far as you can and have FUN with it. That being said, 'Fun' is a vague term - if your idea of a good time is writing slasher-fic then, by all means, go for it. There are no set themes or limits except those asked for by the challenge.

You don't have to share it with anyone but yourself (perhaps the one true freedom/joy of writing for you) but I hope it will springboard you into exploring new ideas or avenues or types of characters that you might not normally try.

If there's enough interest, I'm setting up a forum where those who're into it can get together and share their tales and comment on others.

Either way, I hope we all (yes, I'll be taking part too) have fun with it.

Writing Challenge #1:
Format: Any
Length: Minimum 50 words
Topic 1: Yoda and Sigmund Freud sit down together at a crowded bar.
Alternate Topic: "My leg, it clicks when I walk" said David...

Optional Bonus: Use the word "epitome"


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