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Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's DONE!

Well, as of 11:32pm the 1st draft of Battlestar Galactica "Reign" is done and clocks in at 43 pages! The average BSG episode ranges from 42 to 46 minutes in length so I'm pretty happy with it. I could probably add another page or two but I get the feeling I'd be heading into fluff territory.

Any BSG fans care to give it a read and maybe offer some feedback?



Peter said...

Hey Brandon,

I'd be happy to give it a read if you like.

tommy said...

I just saw this older post linked in the new one, so I'm not sure if you've since learned, but scripts for one-hour dramas tend to usually fall between 50-60 pages.

The "page a minute" thing really doesn't stick that closely to TV scripts.