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Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's been a while since I posted about my show and how things are going.

I've been playing with the idea of actually sitting down and writing the 1st 6 episodes in full for a while now. Been chatting with others about this idea and they basically think I'm a bit nutty for even considering it. ("If you're not getting paid for it, why bother?")

Well, the thing is that I have these stories I want to tell and I've gotta get them out of me. What's really killing me is that I'm starting to see shreds of my ideas (not stolen, obviously, but other people finding the same train of thought) appearing in other programs or movies. I haven't even committed my ideas to paper yet and they're already showing up somewhere else. It's really unnerving and actually kind of scary - a feeling of helplessness as someone else, someone who's getting paid, is coming to the same conclusions as me.

In some ways it's lighting a fire under my ass, forcing me to seriously look at where I want to go with this, what I want to do. A part of me thinks that by having 6 full episodes written I'll have a tighter package to show off, something that I can say "Look, I've got more here, it's not just a cool pilot!". Another part is saying "No one in their right mind is going to pick up a show where so much is written in stone". (Of course, nothing's ever written in stone...)

So I've decided to split the difference. I'm going to take some (spare) time and come up with short treatments, maybe 2-3 pages each, for the episodes. Enough to get the ideas on paper and work out a solid line of 'This is where I'm going with this". Something I can finish, put down and come back to; Something I can show to others, go "But wait, there's more!" and have a significant touchstone.

In other news, haven't forgotten about my CFC application, been working on my letter of intent and some of the smaller details that they've asked for. That's all coming along just fine for now, also hard at work on my 2nd draft of my BSG script. I've added about 6 pages to the total but I'm kind of getting worried that it's slowing things down too much... I don't want to add frivolous action or fluff just for the sake of it so I've been working on adding in more story, expanding on some things that were only hinted at before (hopefully with better results).

I'm finding that I'm alot more unsure about the second draft than I was when I wrote the 1st. I think it's because I got the story I wanted to tell out of my system and all this other stuff feels like it's getting in the way of what I was telling. Obviously that's not a good thing but on the bright side it kind of explains why the going has been so slow for me on the second draft; trying to find bits that make sense for me to expand. I have a strong sense that this script won't be making it to 60 pages.

Anyways, back to the grind.


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