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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shades of Wrong

Okay, so it's Tuesday and I'm just finally getting myself back into a state where I feel like I can write something that's going to be coherent and not spilling over with rage.

I'm sure most of you have read Jim's Blog. It would seem that most of the people who pop by tend to come here from some other place. Not a complaint in the least, merely an observation.

In the last 24-ish hours or so I've been battling with myself on how to react to the recent revelations - the newest of many first-hand accounts of the horrors of working from within my own country and within a system that's supposed to be designed to help us. It's a picture painted in runny shades of disgust and disbelief with a palpable undercurrent of anger that seemed destined to bubble to the surface eventually. And now that it's here, broken through the crust and spilled out into view, it has congealed into a singular cry. A cry that has been echoed over and over as more and more voices rise up- their once-meek whispers gaining strength.

"Follow the money..."

Yet there's a sad acceptance in those whispers. An urging that almost dares you to share in their pain. 'Run into that brick wall like we did, you'll see what we mean'. And these aren't just whispers from people like myself, people who're still on the outside looking in. They're stories from people who've waded through the morass, have been hip or neck deep in it, who've had their dreams drowned - foot-on-the-head style - and had no choice but to stay silent. Maybe they whisper their warnings to others, "beware the Jabberwock"; maybe they stand and fight - and serve to become a warning to the rest.

I've only been shown the tip of the iceberg, I've only seen a glimpse of what hides below the seemingly placid waters - and if I'm sickened by that, I'm honestly scared for others like me who will unwarily wade out toward that island. These waters are deep and shattered dreams don't float.

I listen to these stories, I hear the pain in their voices and my gut twists, my heart aches. THIS is what I've been fighting so hard for? THIS is what I want to be a part of?

Yes. I do.

These people have dared to walk into this world and they have bravely fought to stay in it - knowing the heartbreak these brackish waters can bring. They are storytellers and dreamers, they are court jesters and heralds, they are the some of the toughest people you will ever meet - and they are fed up.

So am I.

More to come.


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