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Monday, March 03, 2008

And back to basics... (70 days remaining)

With Bill C-10 seemingly on life support - sent back to the Banks to confirm whether or not they had really intended on censoring, well, Canada - it's time for me to get back to basics.

I started this blog, originally, to track my adventures in trying to get my TV show Savage Knights made. Somewhere along the line I realized that if I had any hope at all of seeing that done I was going to need more than just a snappy wardrobe and noggin full o' dreams.

Thus I made the decision to apply to the CFC and get my butt into writing some Spec scripts just gain more experience and improve my craft as a writer. It didn't hurt that it was also a requirement for the program.

I'd originally thought the deadline for entry was January 28th and, at the time, that tight deadline fuelled me like nothing else. I was a writing machine and utterly devoted to my cause. I wrote a really kickass Battlestar Galactica script that I'm really proud of. Then...

Well, then I learned that I'd been mistaken.

The deadline was actually mid-May. I ended up getting rather shook up about it, lost my focus for a bit - still wrote but my heart didn't seem in it as much. I floundered with a second draft of my Battlestar script, got addicted to spray-cheez whippets and generally let myself go.

Okay, not that bad - I hate spray cheez.

But then things got good. Really good. Karen Walton wrote me a kickass letter of recommendation, I started challenging myself with my weekly writing challenges (these are going to be bi-weekly now for reasons to be explained below) and I really fell in love with figuring out which parts of me were screaming for attention. Most of what I've written I'd never post but it was very therapeutic and helped me right the ship, so to speak.

Being an active participant in the fight for the life of my chosen career, in one country or another, has stoked the furnace inside me once again. I plan on not letting this fire dissipate but, instead, use this passion to fuel another.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008.

I have exactly 72 days until the entry deadline for the CFC Prime Time Television program. My goal is to have everything ready and submitted on Monday, May 12th, 2008.

My 2nd draft of my Battlestar script will be done for Wednesday at the latest.

70 days. Starting today.

My first goal will be to have a Letter of Intent ready for this Friday.

Just for recap, my letter of intent should be: "a one-page description outlining what you hope to achieve by attending the program, both within the program and after. Include your thoughts about your skill needs and how you plan to polish those skills within the program."

And so, the first of the new Bi-Weekly writing challenges - I'll be writing my own letter of intent this week, so I'm going to spin it a bit towards you:

Writing Challenge #4:

Format: Letter
Length: 1 page

Topic 1: Write a letter of intent to yourself. Discuss where you are right now, where you hope you will go in the future. What you will work to improve and how you will work towards improving it over the course of time. **This does not have to strictly pertain to writing**

Alternate Topic: Write a letter of thanks to a friend or family member for something nice they did for you that you're pretty sure they've forgotten all about.

Optional Bonus: Put some heart into it.


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