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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All wrapped up and nowhere to go... (25 Days remaining...)

So, I've been horrible for updating lately - unfortunately my work has done that wonderful little thing where it drops in on you all at once and says "Surprise!"

For those who've been wondering about lil' ol' me - thanks mom - let's recap (from least to most recent):

After months of waiting and working and hoping, I finally heard back about the job I applied for. Aaannnd... they decided to go with someone else. So, well... yeah. To say that it sucks is a bit of an understatement - it was for a PA position at the Space Channel - but them's the breaks. On the bright side of things, they told me they had over 300 applications for the job and I was one of the top contenders. Guess I just wasn't Spacey enough.

Oh well. We move on.

My Battlestar script is done. Finito. Roll it up, put a bow on it and send it out to market - this thing cooks and I've never been so proud of something I've written! Yes, I'm tooting my own horn a tad - but hey, if you can't toot in your own blog then what's this world coming to? It's the first spec script I've ever done, I put a ton of research into it and I think it paid off. It'll definitely be a centerpiece of my CFC application.

I'm also officially halfway through the 1st draft of my newest pilot script. It's called "Shears" and well, that's all I can say for now.

I ended up spending Monday night at the Canadian Screenwriter Awards where I somehow managed to meet all sorts of cool people and have an insanely fantastic time.


I met Karen Walton!! And, if I may say, she's as super-cool in real life as on Facebook. You see, ever since I joined her Facebook group (Ink Canada) Karen's been kind enough to help me with all sorts of writer-related stuff; Kindly answering my newbie questions and helping me to meet other writers. We ended up hanging out a bit at the party - she graciously introduced me to pretty much every person that came up to say hi to her (as if I was someone to meet!) - and... yeah... I'm still gobsmacked by it all.

One thing I have to say is that I was absolutely blown away with just how cool everyone was. I mean, here I am, essentially a nobody in the business and yet I was able to walk up to people like Peter Mohan (winner of this year's Showrunner award!) and say hello. Mind you I'd managed to meet him before - waaay back in the winter when he, Jim Henshaw and Denis McGrath scared the bejeezus outta me with their true-life tales - but the funny thing was that he actually remembered me! Okay, I was 'that guy from the strike' but still, I'll take it.

What was really great about the whole night was that every single person I met there seemed like a genuinely decent person. Even the ones that I only managed to chat with for a few minutes were interested in at least saying a proper 'hello'.

I also wanna give big shout outs to James Des Roches, James Gilpin and John Callaway who all had fantastic stories to tell and a boatload of solid advice to share. You guys rock somethin' fierce.

All-in-all, Monday night was a total affirmation that I'm making the right decision in pursuing my love of writing. Just to be in that room, with so much comraderie and positive energy... well, it's something I'm looking forward to sharing in. And, yes, I know that that's not how it is in real life (these guys and gals have been in the trenches together) but just the same I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty.


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