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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dancing with myself (12 Days remaining...)

It's done! My CFC Application is absolutely, positively done! Okay, mostly. All the writing's done, all the big stuff, all the painful parts are over.

Now comes my favourite part: Polishing.

Spelling, grammar, timing - hell, even the sentence structure - I'm going to go over this thing with a sandblaster and a shammy cloth. Polish this thing until my face glows in it. Will it be good enough? Who can say? But I've put everything I've got into this thing, I've worked my ass off and hopefully - hopefully - it'll pay off.

In other news, I'm in research mode right now. I've decided that since I've figured out what my next spec is going to be, I'm going to start researching The Border pretty hardcore. I'm taking character notes and building up my familiarity with their personalities. Even if I don't get into the course I think that my next spec is going seriously kick some ass. I've got the first 2 act outs already in my mind and the general idea of what kind of pacing I want so I'm trying to see how that co-incides with the general pacing of the show itself. If I DO get into the course then a good chunk of the digging is already done and I might be able to kick it out a bit easier.

Everyone I've talked to has told me that you're pretty much writing non-stop from beginning to end in the course so I'm actively looking for ideas and bits of info to make the process easier while I'm there. Like my Border spec, I figure if I do alot of the legwork now I'll be in better shape once we start getting our hands dirty. Outside of my spec I've got 3 original show ideas that I can flesh out so I'm doing that as well. Most of it is character stuff, figuring out what makes these people tick then worrying about the world they live in. Though my new one, Shears, that's gonna take some finagling.

Other than that I'm starting to look into the financial side of things - something, admittedly, I hadn't given much thought to. If I get in, am I going to be able to afford to go? Yeesh. Well, it certainly won't be pretty but I might be able to swing it. The hardest/crappiest part is that I'll most likely have to quit my job in order to do this, which means at least 5 months (maybe more) of no income. Yikes. Add in the $5500 entrance fee plus cost of living and it's going to be back to gorging on Mr. Noodles for me. I'd already been scrimping and saving (for another purpose...) so I'm not as bad off as I could be - but I'll certainly be hoping to snag a bursary or two if I do get the green light.

Anyways, back to the sandblastin' for me...


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