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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Safety In Numbers (18 Days Remaining...)

I'm a little late these days (seems to be a theme lately...) in reporting good news but I figure it's better late than never.

On Saturday I ended up heading out to the CFC's Prime Time TV program info session and had a chance to A) visit the campus - a pretty sweet ol' Heritage Building and B) meet some of the people involved in the program.

Over about two and a half hours I got a crapload of information handed my way, one of the more interesting tidbits was this one:

Apparently they get about 50 applications a year (waaay less than I'd originally imagined) from that they interview 20 and then from the interviews they take 8. Not too shabby! I think that tidbit actually managed to make me even more excited for my chances.

I know it's still far too early to get my hopes up, there's a lot of great talent out there (some who have applied more than once...) but I feel really good about what I've been writing as of late. Let's just say I'm in the field of the 'cautiously optomistic'.

Another interesting tidbit is that I've actually met the Manager of the program - Jessica Weller - before! Last year I attended a pitch expo called "I CAN Pitch" and had wandered by the CFC info booth. While I was waiting for my next pitch session, I'd started chatting with her (not knowing who she was). We ended up talking about the Zombie flick I was there to pitch and ended up having a pretty good conversation. Anyway, it would appear that I managed to make a good impression because at the Info session she actually remembered me!

Pretty damn cool!

I guess that kind of follows a piece of advice that I'd been given from Denis McGrath some time back: "Always be friendly with whoever you meet in this business, 'cause you never know who you'll be working with next."

Anyways, the meeting had me so pumped that I've been writing like a fiend all week (thus the lack of regular updates). I'm literally getting down to the final two weeks until the deadline and I want to make sure everything is perfect. All the big stuff is done: The spec script, the Original screenplay, the CV, Letter of Intent. Right now I'm working on the Synopsis part of the package.

For the application I have to submit an idea for a spec that I want to do during the course. That one actually came out pretty easily - I'm going to do my second spec script for *drum roll please* The Border! Yes, I know it's a bit different from what I normally write but I found a hook that was so good that pretty much everyone I've told has been "DAMN!" Heck, even people who don't watch the show are intrigued... so I think I'm actually onto something here.

The hardest part for me is creating synopses for the original programs I want to develop. I have the IDEAS down but they're pretty high-concept and trying to break them down into single paragraphs (that still convey the spirit I'm looking for) is kicking my ass. I just can't get the words to sit right on the page, there's... jagged edges that are bugging the hell out of me. Hopefully I can get them filed off ASAP.

But yeah, things are going good - I'm ahead of schedule and feeling good. I've decided that I'm going to deliver my application in person, turns out it's actually cheaper to spend the $5.50 to TTC it up there than deliver it via post. I'll have to remember to get pics of that historic moment :P

Anyways, back to the grindstone!


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