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Friday, May 09, 2008

Mission Accomplished! (3 Days early!)

I could've sat on it a bit longer, I could've poured over it some more - but I'm done. I'm done and I know I'm done.

Time to move on. As my grandpa would say: "It's all over but the cryin'."

Well, hopefully there's no crying involved.

As of 4:30pm my CFC Prime Time program application is out of my hands. I skipped out of work a tad early (I have to go back to finish some things...) and hopped on the TTC. What I would've thought'd take an hour or more ended up being around 40 mins and as I walked down the horseshoe driveway I kept thinking to myself 'remember to get a shot of this'. Of course, in the moment, I totally forgot (that figures).

Close to 5 months of work condensed into less than 500 pages (remember, the application, in triplicate...) - a package weighing less than 5lbs. As I walked up to the door, entered the building and handed the package off to the smiling receptionist I found myself pausing. Not because I had actually remembered to take the stupid photograph (wouldn't that've been nice) but because of how... anti-climactic... it felt. All that work, all that effort and *poof* "Thank you, have a nice day."

Welcome to the real world, Brandon.

I'm thinking that this is a feeling that I'll have to get used to - I have a sense this is the writer's bane, pouring ourselves onto the page and in return (if lucky) recieving a smile as it's handed off. I know I wasn't expecting trumpets and the like but still...

Oh well.

I ended up deciding against the cover art. If I can't get in on my writing skills alone then that's how it'll have to work. I can package it later should I end up pitching it to someone. Hopefully that'll happen after getting into and completing the program.

I've also decided to avoid going over the digital files now that it's handed in, I know that somehow I'll find a spelling error that I'd missed or a phrase that could be said better or shorter; And I know it'll drive me absolutely bonkers. It's done, it's put away - for the moment, at least.

So, what now?

Now begins phase 2 or II if you prefer. Research. R&D. I've got my Border spec to follow up on - so I'll probably watch the season a couple times. And take notes. Lots and lots of notes.

Maybe I'll see about enjoying my summer a bit. I'm not sure how the selection process is going to go, I'll be trying to figure out that balance of waiting by the phone and having a bit of fun. It's a delicate balance, to be sure - especially considering the finances - but I'm sure I can work something out.

Other than that, well, I'll be here - Bill C-10's still slithering around out there and the CTF thing should be coming to a head soon. Hopefully we'll be able to kick those suckers back to the curb.

Either way, I've got lots to do and lots to learn.

Might as well get to it.


1 comment:

Nick said...

Hey Brandon! :D

That's a nice little story, something which I might experience someday.

"How anti-climactic..." Yes, I can imagine it feels like you are holding your breath to a reaction that is less than you expected. But maybe because that end may just be a means to a greater end. Won't you hope so? :D

Thanks for your reply on my question. A mix of your thoughts with the others really helped me to think about it. No decisions yet, though. Still thinking! :D

Good luck on everything you do. :)