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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Okay, that took longer than I thought.

So, I figured that after all the hardcore writing and brain spasms that I'd take a bit of a break. You know, say 'adios' to the writing bug for a week or so, sit back, chill out - live a bit of la vida normale.

Only I forgot how seductive that way of life is. A week turned into a week and a half, almost 2 (entirely possible). I put the ol' laptop away, broke out my Wii and almost managed to finish Resident Evil 4 - One of like 15 games I've managed to accumulate over time under the guise of 'I'll get to these eventually'.

I also got medieval on my TV watching. I've decided to spend as much time as possible this summer surrounding myself with good, solid TV with the idea of following it up with some, um, not as good TV. The idea being that I hope I can kind of see where the idea faltered, or 'what went wrong'.

On the good end of the spectrum I've spent the last week and change watching: The entire first season of Mad Men, Jekyll (or GeeKill if you wanna get phonetic) and Durham County. I've also been watching my Battlestar Galactica (oh, poor Gaeta... what a great singing voice though) and re-watching the 1st season of 24.

Now there's a show that's become eerily relevant.

Yesterday I decided that it was time for me to break out of the grunge life and hit the keyboard again. Turns out it was a good idea 'cause I pumped out 15 pages for one of my other pet-projects. 15 pages. Wow. I think my record is 17 but most of those don't count 'cause I was drunk and most of them ended up being babble. Incidentally, one of the drunken ramblings on those pages ended up being the seed for my Battlestar Galactica story - so I guess that worked out all right in the end.

Anyways, it was nice to just turn off the creative flow for a bit - let the well fill up a tad. You know, get outside and let life inspire me some.

Okay, I didn't manage to get outside much, but I did get to shoot a lot of monsters.

Hey, I guess we all find our inspiration in different places.



Nick said...

Hey Brandon.

I have gone through the same thing actually. Just a couple of weeks ago, I stopped making music in the studio for a while. Next thing I knew, it was almost a week. That week was spent just surfing the net, posting on forums, sleeping and playing games. But then again, there is that temptation never to go back to what I used to do before that break.

However, once I got my hands back to musical instruments and studio controls, there really was this huge outbursts of creativity. There were a million fresh ideas on my head. Sometimes, taking a break from what we usually do gets us back to sketching on our minds, now that we are with a clean slate.

As for screenwriting, I am currently on a project for writing an independent sitcom, and I am reworking the characterization. Once I am able to make clear ideas of what the characters are going ot be like, and who they are, I should be able to start writing.

But still, the point is, breaks really do help us in the long run. :)


- Nick

Elize Morgan said...

I just wanted to wish you good luck with the application!

I applied this 'bout, too, which is all for the fun! I hope that we both get in so we can ping ideas off each other.

SeeDoubleYou said...

Hi Brandon,

I hopped over to your blog from the ink facebook page.

Good luck on getting into CFC (and Elize too.) I did Prime Time in '06, and it was a great experience. There's really nothing like it for getting the real TV experience you need to work on a show.

Here's to seeing you around the CFC BBQ some time. Because getting in is really all about the BBQ. ;)