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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Single digits... (5 Days remaining...)

The days are winding down, the finish line's in sight. I've been pouring over every aspect of my application - spelling, grammar, you name it. I don't think I've put so much work into any single thing in my whole life. I started printing things out last night, started to see how all the pieces fit and... well, it was really intense.

Filling out forms in triplicate - instead of photocopying - and fussing over fonts is a new thing for me. I usually let little details like that sort themselves out, but there I am trying to decide if I'm going with serif or sans-serif and if italics are simply TOO much. I have a pretty strong design background (a few years of art college doesn't hurt) and I think I've got a pretty good eye, but for the first time I'm finding myself unsure; re-thinking simple decisions that I normally wouldn't give a second thought. Hell, even back in art school I never obsessed over things like I am now.

My biggest challenge of the moment is that I'm trying to decide if I should include some of the Savage Knights character art that I've done. The guidelines don't ask for frills like that, but I was thinking about going that extra mile and printing them on the individual application folders. I mean, I've got to submit 3 copies of the same information so I was thinking that I might, you know, change it up a bit - give it that visual punch.

It's a risk because, really, my writing should stand out for itself - but on the other side of the coin, if I have put extra thought into things, if I have already done the work, why not show it? Am I straying into 'printing-your-resume-on-coloured-paper-and-spraying-it-with-perfume' territory?

I dunno.

I've still got a bit of time to figure things out, it's an agonizing decision for me because now that the writing's done I'm all about trying to SELL the package; trying to make it as visually interesting as possible (I think that's my promotions background kicking in...).

Maybe I just need to relax and put the faith in what I've done.

Realistically, if I do get in it won't be because I put some cool art on the folder covers, it'll be because they liked what I have floating around in my head. But still... the art is pretty cool.

Does it hurt to dress the windows a bit? Or should I stick with the crowd on this one?


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