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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Balancing the Scales

So, I've been away for a week or so because, well, I've found out they're folding my department at work. Essentially, while I may still have a job (even that much has yet to be confirmed), it most likely will not be the same one I've been doing for the last half-decade or so.

I've been spending my days helping to tear down my co-worker's workspaces and transport them home - helping them adjust to their new lives as telecommuters. Yeah, lucky them, they get to work from home... my job, however, seems ever more precarious as little bites here and there are taken out of the foundations of why I was hired.

My job has changed a lot over the last 5 years but one thing that remained and helped to keep me interested was the great sense of community and family that I'd built with my co-workers. We all got on quite well together and, over that span of time, I found that it became - more and more - my excuse for going into work. These cool people who made working a hell of a lot less like work.

But they're gone now - well, most of them. I've been helping to pack them up and move their computers and such home. I get them set up on the network, make sure to answer any of their technical issues and then I'm off. One less cool person there.

Work is like a ghost-town now, the move is half-done and expected to be finished by the end of the week. The rest of us, the Admin team - we're to be relegated to a closet somewhere and forgotten. All because some exec took a wrong turn into our space, looked around and said "this is nice - I'll take it!".

I wasn't there for that conversation but I've heard that's pretty much how it went down in the end.

Even now I have builders and such walking by me during my shift, measuring this or gesticulating wildly to their friends. A group of people wandered through one day, chattering excitedly like kids in a candy store. "We can put an office THERE and an office THERE!" I swore I saw his eyes roll back into his head and a stream of drool roll down the corner of his mouth.


More and more I'm getting reminded that things aren't meant to be static - that little ball of entropy and chaos flies by and you get to go 'YAY' or duck and cover with the best of 'em.

I'm being moved, I know that much. The particulars, the where's and when's, well, that's another story.

In other news, I had my locker broken into at the gym tonight. They didn't even try to hide it, hell, my whole lock was missing. I threw the door wide to see that $55 in cash was taken out of my pocket and my wallet was left open. Apparently I got off lucky though - the guy beside me lost a $15,000 watch, an iPhone and a bunch of other stuff. A lot of people got broken into and, comparitively, I got of pretty lucky. Mostly because I don't have $15,000 to put into a watch, but I digress...

Heh. I guess someone needed that money a lot more than me. (And a watch, and an iphone...)

I don't know - thing's are crappy right now and have been for the last week or so... maybe I'll get lucky and it's the Universe balancing things out in preparation for something good.

Then again, it could just be that my number came up and I was due for the ol' proverbial kick in the junk.

Who knows?



Elize said...

...um... ouch.

That's not good at all. Hopefully things start to look up.

It's a mess when it happens, but it tends to happen all in a row (or in threes). But it's bound to get better afterwards. Is the gym going to do something about the break-in?

Peter said...

That blows.

I've been broken into a few times at the gym. Always sucks.

CFC's calling people about interviews today, so hopefully you'll have some good news to balance out the bad...