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Monday, July 21, 2008

Ghost Town

Plastic clocks line the wall, hollow. Nails jut out at random angles, pictures removed and stacked.

This is not my home anymore.

I moved the last of them today, they're all settled in - well, for the most part. Sure enough I'll have to answer a myriad of phone calls and technical questions, but it's just the remnants of the job. The scraps to be swept up in the wake of it all.

Tomorrow I move to my new 'area' and begin the same job with new parameters - many of which are yet to be defined.

But tonight I stare at the bare walls and our massive meeting room table, the place of boistrous debates and conversations. I look at the department that will no longer be and I choke up a little - to be honest, the work was never what I loved. The people made it all worth while.

I've had more than a few jobs in my short time on this planet, worked with all sorts of folks but never have I shared such a sense of community. And that's really what I'll miss. I mean, sure, the people are still there and they'll all be happy to see me when I visit - we're tight like that... but without them around I've started to see it; that niggling thing that's been at the back of my mind for the last couple years.

Without the comraderie, without the laughter and the conversation... well, my job really sucks.

In truth, I guess I feel lucky that I ever got to have it at all - things don't just coalesce like that for everyone. But now that it's done I've come to realize that I am too. This is a chapter of my life that's closing and closing fast.

My interview is this coming Sunday in the afternoon, from what I understand I'll be one of the last people to be up there. And that's something that I'm happy about, well, for the most part. It's a double-edged sword, really. On the down side, well, by the time I get there they'll have a pretty solid picture of what they're looking for, let alone what questions they're going to ask - it'll be a tougher crowd overall. On the up side, well, if I can still make a good impression then it'll be a fresh one when they break to discuss who gets the nod.

I don't really like the idea of being grilled but I do like the idea of being held to somewhat tougher standards - it helps to keep me on my A-game (do I have an A-game yet??).


Best 8 out of 20 get in.

I still like my chances.


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Elize said...

I'm working a Monday interview because my work week is... broken.