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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Prepping for Sunday

How do you prepare for an interview that could change your life?

Any way you can.

Unfortunately, it's all rather aimless at the moment as I have absolutely no idea what they're going to ask me. If I have to try and nail it down, I'm going to take the easy $100 question and guess that it'll have something to do with both 'me' and 'writing'. But, really, who knows? A half an hour's a long time when you've got 3 people in one room and a clipboard full of questions.

It's funny, I really hadn't felt anything close to worry until this last Tuesday (not true) when Ivy's confirmation email showed up.

A simple action: I clicked on a link. And the next thing I know, my heart's racing. Sweaty palms, dilated pupils, the works.

Right there, in front of me, black text on white background.


My interviewers have names.

And careers.

And have done shit.


Out of nowhere a frosty lightning bolt slams into my spine and my throat closes up (did my hand just shake?). This is real. It's happening. It's real.

It's this Sunday.


Okay, breathe. Keep breathing. Think. Push down the emotions.

What do I know for a fact?

They'll be interviewing me (good to keep in mind). They'll want to know what I thought about this or that, where this idea came from. It'll be about writing (unless it's not...). Probably something akin to 'why do I want to be a writer?'.

Okay, seriously, I'm fucked if they start asking me about something out of left-field like Algebra.

What else?

Why'd I choose my favourite shows? What'd I like about them? It makes sense - a logical extension of my application. Probably something to do with my character - what are my strong points? What are my weak points? Do I have any regrets or achievements I'm proud of?

My mind's racing - turning corners faster than I can build them. The joy of the hypothesis.

Where am I from? How did that help me get here? Nah, too personal - this is business. Can I handle stress? That's more like it. Can I handle a 10-ish hour-a-day workload plus homework? Also good (and yes, I can...).

The biggest question - the one I think will go unasked - will probably be something like 'Do you think you deserve to be here?' Now, of course the answer will always be 'Yes', but there's something unnerving about having a group of people staring at you and asking the one question you've been asking yourself since you somehow managed to make the shortlist.

Okay. Enough.

It's way past gut-check time. The focus of the last 9 months of my life (remember when I thought the deadline was in January?? Yeah... good times...) is now coming into view just over the horizon.

Pack'em deep, we're marching on through nightfall.



Canadian Lemming said...

Just remember that (x+y)(x-y) = x^2 - y^2 and you'll ace it.

Elize said...

Man, if I says what that other person said that'll be... bad.

:) Just be yourself. Best interview advice ever. Also, don't feel bad about wanting to take a few minutes.