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Sunday, July 27, 2008

... The Storm

So it's an interesting experience to be at the other end of a long table with the focus of the group being entirely on you. I thought I might cringe but I actually kinda liked it.

On a good note, I totally over-thought what they would be asking me. Way over-thought. Probably what caught me off guard the most about the process was that I spent a lot more time talking about what they didn't like in my scripts than anything really related to the school/program itself. Now that's not a complaint, more an observation. Just the simple fact that I managed to get an interview confirmed to me that they liked my work, so it makes sense that they'd start with what they weren't too keen on to see how I reacted to criticism.

All-in-all, there were some excellent points made in respect to both my scripts. For Battlestar they thought that I let the plot take a backseat to the character moments (I should've made the Mutiny/Hijacking the first thing to happen) and some other scenes were a bit too long. For Savage knights the only real thing that I noticed was that they thought I had far too many ideas crammed in there. They thought that I should pull out some ideas, save them, and re-jig what was left into a really strong one-hour pilot.

Sounds good to me.

I spent a lot of time trying to read their reactions as I talked and for the most part there were a lot of good poker faces. It's hard for me to get a bearing on how it all went down. I made them laugh at least once and the mood seemed pretty casual but I'm drawing a blank. So, now I'm fighting that whole self-reflection quirk of mine where I over-analyze every last detail of it all.

All I know is I went in there and I gave it everything I had. I think I took the criticism in stride and still managed to show that I want this. Not just that I want this but that I know I will take advantage of it. I will work my ass off.

Because, if I've made it this far on my own - teaching myself how to write with very little feedback - imagine where I could be if I had access to a team of fellow writers and mentor to help guide and focus the things bouncing around in my skull.

Anyways. I've done all I can, I've put my best foot forward and swung for the fences.

Guess I'll find out soon if I made it over the wall.



Marilyn C said...

Hi Brandon

I just found your blog via a comment you made on Dead Things on Sticks - I know I'm too late to say "good luck" with the interview itself, but best of luck with their decision-making. :)

I've actually been on the losing end of this scenario ("but your first on the waiting list" - GAH!) so I'm totally rooting for you. It certainly sounds like you gave a great interview.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know there's one more person waiting to see you post the good news (and reading through some of your back-entries in the meantime - great blog!)

All the best,


Elize said...

Congrats on it Brandon :) It's all down to the waiting now.