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Friday, August 01, 2008

The Long weekend beckons.

I'm going camping. Off in the wilderness-es-es' of Sudbury.

Somewhere out there I'll run and play and jump off impossibly high cliffs into shadow-y waters.

It'll be nice - a nice chance to enjoy me some summer.

And with 3+ hours of driving each way I've decided to bring a pad of paper and a few pens.

You know, that's one of the things I LOVE about writing: No overhead. You have a napkin and a ketchup packet? Go nuts. Crayon and Tile floor? Yup. Loofa and a dirty shower wall? Absolutely.

Hell, if worst comes to worst all you need is a safety pin and a high pain threshold.

And, while I doubt I'll be carving character descriptions into my arms any time soon (might bring on the wrong kind of attention when swimming in the deeper waters... Country CHUDs anyone??), I have to admit that it's just really cool to have the ability function in two different worlds at once. Let alone the ability to merge them together with the stroke of a pen (or a well co-ordinated loofa).

Anywho - Karen recommended that I pick up a book called "Making a Good Script Great" by one Linda Seger, apparently it's got all sorts of wonderful notes on structure and such (which is exactly what I need).

I also managed to find my copy of "Crafty TV Writing" by Alex Epstein while attempting to pack for my adventure. I'd read through it during the holidays when I was working on Savage Knights but I'm finding even more relevance in it now as I pour over it again with a different mindset. He's got a whole chapter (and more) on 'Breaking Story' and it's got some good meat to it, so I'll probably toss that into the duffel bag as well.

Other than that, I've got 3 days of rest and/or relaxation to look forward to. I'm going to try fleshing out a few ideas - I've decided that I'm going to work on my "The Border" spec script idea (the one I submitted it to the CFC) and see what kind of goodness I can muster.

Should be good times.

Have a great one!

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