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Friday, August 08, 2008

Off the hook!

Okay, so I meant to update this yesterday but life jumped in and, well, yeah.

I got the call at just after 4pm and it was a lot better than I expected. Essentially, from what I can gather, I got beat out by people with more experience.

One of the points they made was that this year had more applications than ever before.

And having more applications raised the bar for quality entries.

Sure, I get that.

Of all the things they mentioned, the one that stuck with me was that they loved my interview. They said that they were all impressed by my passion and excitement - especially how I took off with Graeme's idea.


And half my cerebellum blew out the side of my head.

Of all the things that happened, everything single thing that happened in that room, I thought that's the one place where I really faltered. Wow, Mr. Manson's a hard one to read, I would've had no idea that he dug it. I mean, I took the idea that they gave me and I ran with it but thought that maybe I'd screwed up because he stopped me and steered me in another direction (a pretty far turn from where I ended up running to).

As it turns out, well, they loved it and my enthusiasm to boot.

Wow. Talk about a load off my mind in that respect. I realize now that I spent far too many brainwaves analyzing those moments - I did quite well, and that's good to know. We can put that skipping record back in its sleeve.

As for what was actually 'wrong' with my scripts, there wasn't a lot said in specifics only that I should look into getting some story editing to help propel me to the next level.

I'm not exactly sure what 'story-editing' means, but okay. I'm game. Hopefully that translates into 'you need to master your structure' - 'cause if it does then, well, I've already set myself on the right path and just need to keep beating away at it.

Overall, they were really happy with my application and they said that as someone without any formal training I should feel really proud that I managed to get an interview (I do!) and that I shouldn't give up (I'm not). They expressed an interest in seeing me apply again next year and wished me the best of luck.

It kind of sucks that I didn't get in, but you know, that's okay. That's life. You learn to roll with the punches, and - as some people have told me - there's a lot of punches to take in this business.

Hell, in a way, it may even be better for me - I tend to learn things the hard way anyway. It hurts like the dickens in the moment, but I usually don't make that mistake again.

Anywho, it's done, pound a nail in it and ship it off to Transylvania.

I'm gonna go break me some story.



Crystal said...

What a strange photo for this post... ;)

I think you have a really admirable attitude about your writing, Brandon!

Elize said...

Getting someone to story edit can be a bit difficult, but it just (in essence) involves getting a lot of feedback/notes from someone in the industry and/or someone who has a feel for the writing style.

If you get a rigorous story edit you can get your breaks looked at, dialogue checked, and the like. It makes it a lot easier to get things worked out in what works and what doesn't.