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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Waiting for the phone to ring (Part Deux)

Well, today's the day that the CFC calls to do a follow-up with me.

At 4pm I'll be getting a call that should - hopefully - shed some light on what kept me from making the cut in the end.

It's kind of weird to be sitting here, anticipating a phone call that's supposed to explain why I failed... but you know, I kind of am - anticipating, I mean. I want to know what it was that they saw (or didn't see) in me that made the decision come out the way it did.

Now, I mean, I've moved on so this isn't about me ripping off band-aids - quite the contrary.

More than finding some sort of 'closure', more than getting that last bit of clarification, what I'm looking for is to see if I was right; If my own analysis was correct. I mean, in the end the ability to be self-correcting is far more important to me than almost anything else.

Learning how to self-edit, how to be my own best critic, is definitely something that'll be essential to me as I work on my next scripts, 'cause there's a lot of time spent alone at that computer of mine.

And being able to catch those things fast and nip them in the bud early should (hopefully) save me a lot of headaches.

Guess I'll find out soon what I should be focusing on.

In other news, I've been in contact with Karen and we've been hashing out some really wicked ideas on what can be done over on Ink Canada. Without giving too much away, the first big venture is going to have something to do with learning how to break story properly. Still working on the the details and how it's all going to play out but I'm getting really excited to see what kind of reaction this is going to get.

Hopefully we'll have a lot of interested parties getting involved.

More to come... until then, my phone is securely by my side.


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