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Friday, September 05, 2008

And a fine party it was too!

Okay, time for a break from the script for a bit of an update.

I managed to drag myself out from my dark, cozy room long enough to attend Karen Walton's Ink Canada Screenwriter's Party last night.

And man am I ever glad I did.

Over 130 writers, directors and producers all packed into a small, confined space, filled with alcohol and set loose upon one another to just chill the hell out and have fun.

Who says Canadian Writers are boring and anti-social?! Everywhere I looked there were hands flailing and conversations in progress. It would seem that there's a lot to talk about when you fill a room with industry peeps.

I had the great pleasure of meeting many very cool people last night, but standing out amongst the coolest were fellow newbies (and friends of the blog) Peter Rowley and Elize Morgan. Together with Cherelle Higgins - who introduced me to my current writing group - we scoured the floor and chatted up a storm (when we weren't harassing Denis McGrath and company, that is - Okay, more like I was doing the harassing...)

In a fit of small-world syndrome I managed to bump into Jennifer Liao who, if you're not aware, recently finished this great, dark short film called 'What you eat'.

It was one of those rare little moments where my job had provided me with a bit of perk in that I got to proudly exclaim 'Oh, wow! I've seen that!' as she detailed the last project she'd been working on. Of course as her face fell into the depths of confusion and I had to explain exactly how that came to pass. See, her film travelled through my department at work a few weeks ago and I'd seen it, thinking to myself 'wow, that was creepy and damn fun', not knowing that I would be standing (er, sitting) before the director/producer/writer (adapter?) only a short time later.

A very fun moment to say the least.

As I waded through the partying masses, I was absolutely stunned and humbled (still am) by how many people not only knew my name, but wanted to say hello. There were well-wishes and warm handshakes, funny anecdotes and drink tickets (so many drink tickets! lol... I felt like I had the word 'lush' stamped on my forehead - not that I'm complaining, but when someone walks up to you and says 'you look like you need a drink ticket'... well... hehehe).

It has been a very long time indeed since I've been surrounded by so much positive energy and so many smiling faces.

And it's experiences like that - learning the counter-balances to the horror stories - that fill me with hope for the industry I want to be a part of.

There are good people out there and they are legion.

Thank you all so much for an amazing night! Especially to Karen and Kerry who worked so hard to bring so many together. You guys bring new meaning to the words 'Bad Ass'.

Can't wait to see you all again soon!


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