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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Conservative Strategy: Beating Canadian Politics With The Ugly Stick.

We all know that American Politics is sexy.

We all know that the heated contest between Barack Obama and John McCain has the world holding its collective breath.

And no one knows this better than Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party.

You see, sometimes being the quiet, ugly wallflower works in your favour.

Sometimes sitting off in a dark corner while those with bigger voices and flashier smiles take the stage is all part of your plan.

It is no coincidence that our first major English Debate falls on the exact same night and the exact same time as the American Vice-Presidential debate.

I mean, really, stop and think about this for a moment: Out of all the possible times available during the course of that week (let alone all the others), no one looked at their calendar and thought 'hey, maybe we should have this the night after the American debate? Or move the French Language debate back a day and have the English one the night before? Or - hey - even start it an hour before the American debate gets up and running (they both air on October 2nd, at 9pm EST)'.

Are we supposed to believe that it just happened to fall on this day and time?

No. This was planned very carefully knowing that most Canadians will choose not to turn in; that they will watch something far more interesting.

And that's the way the Conservatives want it.

Our politics is BOOORING.

The Americans? They've got it down to a science. They have pageantry and Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z. Hell, they spend large amounts of money just to make it LOOK good.

What do we have? A bunch of people standing around answering questions in long-winded, dispassionate form as cameras cut from one talking head to the other.

Now, not that our politicians aren't passionate, but the world's been watching Barack Obama for the last what, 8 months?

Not exactly a fair comparison and one hell of a tough act to follow for most of the party leaders (yes, even Jack Layton - who is apparently pretty popular these days, even though Bob Rae is not a fan).

Meanwhile Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been telling his people to stay out of the media, don't talk, don't do anything stupid. Keep your voice down and your hands to yourself - We've almost got this.

And he's right.

The Conservatives are a hair's breath away from a Majority in this country and if you think that what they've managed to accomplish (with a MINORITY Government) is scary, maybe now is the time to turn our attention back to the country that is our home - who's leader we are about to elect; Who's decisions will effect each and every one of our lives far more intimately than Governor Palin or Senator Biden.

There's still time to get informed and get involved. PM Harper and his people have been silent but their actions have not.

Here's a brief look at some of what they've managed to accomplish (or worked towards) while you may not have been looking:

- The gutting of the Canadian Film and Television Industry - Cutting $60 Million in programs and funding meant to help create and promote Canadians and our interests around the world.

- Bill C-61: a stricter, Canadian version of the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act that would put your personal data and money in the hands and pockets of Americans. (Let alone opening you up to being sued like you've never been sued before).

- Bill C-51: a bill that threatened to make illegal many common forms of common naturopathic health products - including sinister things like, oh, Raw Garlic. This bill would've also opened the door for the government to all Search and Seizures without warrants and without evidence.

- And while you're here, pop by PM Harper's entry in the Scandalpedia:

Many of these bills have been killed due to the election but that does not mean they cannot be re-submitted again (with even less fanfare). If the Conservatives get a Majority government, you watch and see your country taken from you - one tiny piece of hidden legislation at a time.

The election is just over a month away - you've still got time.

Let's get to it.


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