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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

(Scientifically) Picking your battles

Sometimes the forces, they just swirl into one of them vortex-thingies and come on by and smack you upside your political head.

Case in point: Some good folk have gotten together and gotten all damn technical and scientific on how to not only keep Stephen Harper from getting a majority, but how to flip the scales entirely and ensure the Liberals (the most likely to defeat the Conservatives overall) get a minority government.

They're doing so under the banner of keeping the Conservatives out in an attempt to save our Environment (remember that thing about the toxic lake landfills? Yeah, apparently that didn't win PM Harper any points).

With a striking - bordering on obsessive - amount of detail these folks have created a site that will allow you to look up your riding, find out not only who's running but also who's more likely to win.

Wow. Talk about doing their share of the heavy lifting!

Essentially, the site will allow you to know - should you wish to know - if voting with your heart or voting with a purpose (getting PM Harper out of power) will actually change things in your area.

I popped on by and it turns out that my riding is a 'safe' Liberal zone - I guess that means that historically it's always voted Liberal. Normally that's not my thing but hey, good to know.


"This site offers comprehensive, up-to-date riding by riding information on how to defeat Harper and his anti-environment policies."

You can't really make it much easier than that - short of showing up at people's doors with the ballots and pencils in hand.

Cheers (and much thanks to Carina Cojeen for sharing this on the Department of Culture Facebook site!)

EDIT: After showing the site to a friend of mine, she gave me her postal code to enter and what popped up was a classic example of how splitting the vote could cause the Conservatives to get into power:


The Liberals kept the Mississauga-Erindale seat by a total of 328 votes in the last election - with over 9,200 extra votes split amongst the Green Party and NDP, neither with a chance of winning - this is one of those ridings where your vote can REALLY make a difference and ensure that the Conservatives don't cover that gap.

If we can keep more seat from the Conservatives that's one less shot at a Majority Conservative government.

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