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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Post-Writing High

I am literally shaking with excitement. I've just managed re-break my show Savage Knights into a one-hour pilot.

Those who know me know I've been struggling with this thing for damn near 3 months, trying to figure out how to fit all 2 hours of the story I wanted to tell into a 1 hour pilot.

I woke up this morning deciding to go all in - I was going to beat this sucker down if it killed me. So I started re-reading my pilot script for the 30th or 40th time and that's when it hit me - that's when I realized that I had been wasting this fantastic opportunity. You see, in my original script the teaser is this really cool setup for a story but in my rush to tell the bigger picture, I ended up starting the story 6 months later. (and, as Peter Rowley put it after reading it, somehow crammed 3 seasons worth of story into 2 hours...)

I had set up this great emotional resonance and then lopped it off at the wrist by jumping so far ahead.

So I sat here asking myself: why not follow this scene into act one?

And it was like the cork popped off the barrel. It came gushing out of me in a fucking torrent. Holy Shiat.

I've been writing ever since - just finished my beat sheet. It is awesome. It's like everything i wanted to say came out of me onto the page, I found less clunky ways to set things up, I found ways to reveal things in ways that were more relevant to the characters.

It's just so much cleaner - leaner, faster.

I'm giddy - absolutely high as a kite right now as I re-read this thing.

Though I can't help but feel kind of mad at myself too because the answer was so simple. I've been killing myself trying to figure out how to make it all work, how to move things this way or that, how to condense things.

In the end I just shoved it all aside and continued telling the story I wanted to tell, letting everything else come out when it felt right.

And it works! Oh man. I haven't felt this good in a long time.

Okay, I'm off to work on the outline now. Gotta start to build on these bones.

But seriously, Holy Crap!!


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