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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


If there's one thing I'm learning it's that I'm not all that great at blogging 'about' events.

I mean, maybe I'm limited in my vocabulary but there's really only so many ways one can say 'We all had a great time'.

Basically, the goal was twofold: 1) To have all the Toronto Ink Canada Interns work together to get as many writers, directors, producers and more as possible crammed into a small downtown bar on a Sunday afternoon. 2) Have all the Toronto interns actually meet each other.

All said and done, I think it went down pretty well. There was much drinking and merriment, laughter and/or mirth. Conversations were had and - from what I've been told - everyone had a darn good time.

So much so that there's a movement to turn this into a monthly thing. (Which I'm so up for).

The really interesting thing to come out of it all (outside of the surprise visit from Ms. Karen Walton herself) was the amount of excitement there was for the idea of a Toronto Writer's Group. I'm working on getting that off the ground right now - pushing to get people involved of all levels 'cause I'm sure there's lots for us to learn from each other.

So, here's a question out to all you who are - or are looking to get involved - with a Writer's group:

What do you look for in/expect from a good Writer's Group?


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