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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The New Star Trek Trailer


It's in HD.

Go. Watch.

This trailer is fantastically edited. In 2 minutes and 11 seconds you know that A) this is a movie about Kirk and Spock and B) this movie has serious potential for kicking ass.

So what'd J.J. Abrams do? He gave Star Trek back its edge. He brought back the uncertainty.

Star Trek, for me - at its best - was about exploration. Mastering your fear. Discovering the unknown.


Fleshy, squishy, human beings sent out to the uncharted vastness with nothing but their wits and the pinnacle of their technology. The very best of what they could come up with together - as a human race. And how, often, the best they had just wasn't good enough.

And that's where the 'human' kicked in.

Because, in the end, as cool as the technology was it was ultimately useless without a Captain like Kirk or an Engineer like Scotty or a Doctor like Bones. It was the Human in us that allowed us to keep on living when the technology failed.

Allowed us to beat the cold, calculated odds and improvise our way out of certain death.

As much as I loved The Next Generation, it seemed far more like they were ambassadors than explorers. I rarely saw them get that rush of excitement or combating the fear that comes with facing these threats - these beings that could even be our allies - if we could only understand them. Enterprise touched on this, but somehow it fell short.

I think that's what Mr. Abrams has done. Taken us back before we had the infrastructure, before we were on our game and knew just what lurked beyond the edge of our galaxy.

That, to me, is exciting stuff.

I love this trailer, hands down. It tells me everything I need to know about this movie. It's got me sold. Now it's just a matter of the movie living up to the package they've presented.

Consider my fingers crossed.


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