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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

TV Par Excellence

A young man, born of two worlds, rises to challenge the status quo of a faltering empire.

On his quest he must face off against an aged Maverick with one last chance at power, a tenacious hockey mom with nothing to lose, a racial divide, an apathetic nation and an angry plumber.

With grit and determination he stumps across the country, bit by bit, slowly, evenly winning the hearts of the jaded and downtrodden; asking them to play an active part in the re-building of their nation -- filling the tired masses with a long-forgotten sensation: Hope.

And though the old money marshals their forces - calling down the lightning and the thunder, slashing with fear and division - he stands on the hilltop, in the rain. Unafraid.

Amongst the gathered faithful he calls forth the wrath of the pundits, bathing in their jeers and derision, weathering the tempest of lies and deceit, knowing that this will be the empire's last stand.

The land will be cleansed.

The people's voices will be heard.

A new day will dawn.


I don't know about you, but that sounds like a damn good show to me.
All it needs is a title...



1 comment:

Rich Baldwin said...

How about "This is Your Story"?