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Friday, January 30, 2009

Conversations over Beers

I met last night with Dave - fellow Ink-tern and new writing partner - to hash out some ideas for our little animated show.

Over email we'd snatched and strapped down a few concepts from the aether, chatting back and forth as it slowly formed some semblance of a pattern; Watching as letters and concepts bobbed their way to the surface of our own internal alphabet soup.

But we'd gone as far as we could over the web and so it was decided that now was a good chance to sit down, face to face, and chat about where we wanted to go with this.

And so we ended up in a nice little bar/diner on Yonge and College.

Now, as someone accustomed to working things out in my own head, I have to say that I very quickly found that having someone sitting right across from me - someone to bounce ideas off in real time - has already been quite a boon.

Together, over a few pints, we hammer out the equator of the world. Banging out the landscape - both political and terrestrial - as we fling character lines and backgrounds at each other, laughing and improving on what comes out; Polishing the stones before chucking them back at each other, a silent challenge to make it 'better'.

And we do.

When something falls flat we refuse to let it lie there, seeping into the gutter - we scrape it up and get our hands dirty, remolding. Re-shaping. No idea escapes our careful - if glassy-eyed - scrutiny.

Laughter and dinner follows, a chance to get to know each other, to learn about our habits - what we see in the project, what excites us about it. It's an important step, understanding what will keep us tied to it and excited over the long haul (assuming there is a long haul); A way for us to balance what we know with what the other will bring.

The beginnings of a team, a way for us to have each other's back.

Overall, it's a productive first meeting, a positive start. There'll be more to come, but for now we've got lots to get us started and keep the juices flowing.

I think we're on to something here.


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