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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In order of Importance

The audience is hushed, a crowd watching as he stands there, waiting for the cheers to die down.

He stands there smiling as the crowd fades and the camera zooms.

"Today is a historic day..." he begins, the crowd on edge, his every word absorbed by the congregated.

"we have 2 incredibly important events to report to you today! One: Barack Obama has become the first Black President of the United States of America!"

Cheers, clapping; it dies quickly though, the crowd still leaning forward, waiting for his second pronouncement.

"and Two..."

Hushed silence. A young girl gulps.

"We have a NEW JONAS BROTHERS Video for you!!"

The crowd roars its approval, temporarily deafening Much VJ Tim Deegan.

Note to Palin/Clinton 2012:

Hit the nurseries, raid the public schools if you have to, but whatever you do: Get your Boy Band on lock NOW.


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