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Saturday, February 07, 2009

We're off to see the Wizard

The most wonderful wizard of... Vegas!

I'm about 8 hours out of sitting on a plane and flying where no man has gone before - a pristine world of lush jungles and native tribes, of exotic fauna - of babbling brooks and roaring waterf --


What do you mean it's a desert?

Okay, someone seriously f'ed up the pamphlet then 'cause I --

No, this just --

Aww man! You mean I have to sleep in a strange bed, stare in awe and wonder at sprawling architecture and gorge myself on mountains of the finest cuisine from around the world?

Dammit! This just fucking sucks!

Where are the bot flies (NOT for the squeamish!)? Or the robber crabs? Or the Candiru (also not good... but less gory)?

Guess I should've paid more attention in Geography class... :P

Anyways, looks like it's going to COLD in Vegas... maybe I'll pack a sweater...

Any recommendations? Places I just gotta see?

(And no, for the record, we're not eloping... my mom would kill me!)



Russell said...

Go Downtown and see the overhead billboard. You can take the deuce for three dollar each way, but it kind of takes forever if you get on before Ceasar's Palace. They have REALLY cheap food that is decent quality downtown, along with the old casinos. New York, New York has a rollercoaster, the Stratosphere has a ride as well, and a restaurant at the top like the space needle. If you're into gambling, don't play poker at the bellagio, and Ceasars does not have 1-2 tables, only 1-3.

jimhenshaw said...

Check out the amazing art gallery at the Bellagio and don't miss the fountains. The shark Tank at Mandalay Bay is awesome and so are the Gardens at the Mirage.

Almost any of the in-casino nightclubs and lounges are a hoot although I think the Hard Rock is the best.