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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bunk Buddies! (63 days remaining)

So it looks like the CTF and the New Media Fund are going to be sharing a room soon - being given bunk beds and re-branded as 'The Canadian Media Fund'. This alone has people's hackles raised (the CTF was already under strain as it was) but adding in that in-house productions can apply for funding... well, I can see things getting a tad harrowing for those independant producers who struggled to get funding in the first place. It's bad enough when you're competing against your peers, it's a whole other kettle of fish when you're competing against CTV and friends (with their sure-to-be standing army of unpaid interns filling out CTF application documents).

From what I'm hearing there's going to be a new independant board of individuals who'll decide who gets funding and who doesn't. I've also heard that 5 of the members of the board will be put there by the funders themselves with 2 appointees from the government. Not sure how solid that is yet, but I hope they actually have some directors, producers or writers on there.

As it stands right now, there still seems to be a whole lot of construction going on around this thing and, truthfully, I'm not really sure what the solution here is - hell, I'm not entirely sure what the ramifications of all this will be. One thing I can tell you is that it seems destined to get even messier than it was before.

In other news...

I'm on Act 3 of my spec pilot - no, not THAT spec pilot - the other one. Right now I'm just connecting to that one more I guess, it's prodding my mind in ways that I haven't felt in a good ol' while.

Been reading Lagos Egri's book "Art of Dramatic Writing" and frankly, it's been a bit of a trip. Right off the bat it's been helping me to wrap my head around things like Premise and Character - a lot of it seems very common sense (except for the parts that don't...). So far the one thing that really kind of hit me is that I don't feel for my main character - I like the idea of her, I like the idea of what my story's about, but I haven't made a connection to it all - haven't found that one integral spark that makes it MY vision. Something that'll drive me to want to write 20-30 episodes (let alone tell one really, really kickass tale).

And so I'm working on something else for the moment - percolating on that one (lots and lots of percolating...). Not giving up in the least, just... taking stock... adding onions.


I'll give it a taste later... maybe add some salt.

Or pepper. Everyone seems to love pepper.


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