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Saturday, March 21, 2009

BSG Finale: My Reaction

This is going into BSG spoiler territory, specifically, the ending of the show - so if you haven't seen it, please look away... now.


And so the end begins again as we see Humanity shrug off it's one true chance to break the cycle once and for all.

You see, I believe what happened in that finale is what happened on Kobol and the original Earth (and however many times it happened in before) - the Humans made it to this wonderful fantastic place after this harsh and hard journey only to give up just when it truly mattered.

What was the lesson of this show as a whole? Responsibility.

Yet, what did the rag tag remnants of Humanity do once they got to Earth? They shrugged it off. They refused to learn the lesson, they refused to take the hard road when it truly mattered.

Aside from tilling the land and breaking their backs what was hard about their choice? They all got to go off and do whatever the hell they wanted. All of the people - the strongest, toughest of them, dropped their burdens and simply disappeared. Selfishly.

They threw their technology into the sun, became luddites and started the cycle all over again.

The lesson was for them to LEARN what they had done wrong, they had to take responsibility for their own destruction at the hands of their creation.

Yet instead of instituting Adama and Baltar and the rest as teachers - those who would help ensure that the children (the ones who actually deserved a fresh start) would not repeat the mistakes of their parents; Instead of using the story of their troubles and their strife to build anew, to recreate themselves - Humanity let out a collective sigh and turned their back, allowing their knowledge and wisdom to fade into the ether of time.

How is that a happy ending?

It's not. But that's also the point. For all the pain and suffering and bullshit Humanity went through, the moment they were given what they wanted - a clean slate - they set in motion the same very means that lead to their own destruction in the first place.

Simply put, they were tired and they were weak. The Final Five (Three) are especially guity of this - hell, they remember almost 2000 years worth of this, they remember specifically the last time this all happened. They, more than anyone, should've been standing on that planet going 'okay, this is what we need to do'.

Lee Adama should've been punched in the face for even mentioning 'going back to the earth' - I mean, what? You want to go 'exploring'? Ummm... What the fuck were you fighting for? The survival of your way of life. And yet the first chance - the first true chance you have to ensure that happens, to ensure your people are raised right - with the hard-fought wisdom earned from a horrible mistake - you turn your back on it.

That, ultimately, is what I will walk away from BSG with: The idea that in spite of all the pain and suffering and utter shit that Humanity survived, when the clock struck midnight we refused to change.

And the cycle remains unbroken.


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