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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Cardinal Sin

If there's any one true, un-shakeable rule of writing a spec script it's this: Thou shalt not fall in love with your B story. More specifically, Thou shalt not make a minor character more important than the Lead of the show.

Sooo yeah... I did that.

Luckily, thanks to my all-new, all-powerful outlining skills, I caught that in the outline stage instead of after having written the script and trying to pull the threads apart again.

It turned out to be an easier fix than I expected - simply switching perspectives in most cases - and giving the big, cool moment to the Lead.

For me it's one of those classic cases where I ended up feeling more connected to one story/character than another. This time it was my B story.

But yeah, definitely glad I caught that.

In other news: I went to the WGC awards last night, drank and ate my $75 worth and met all sorts of interesting people who's names I've already started to forget.

Please, don't take it personally, I'm a 'face' person not so much a 'name' person. This is something I've been trying to rectify for yeeears but my mind is like a sieve when it comes to names and places.

I tried doing that thing where you associate them with something - anna/banana, mike/trike, steve/sleeve - etc. but yeah, that really gets complicated when you're trying to remember if this Mike is the Pike, Trike, Nike, Dike or Bike.

Still working on it tho', just have to find something that works for me.

The Ink Canada after-party - which (fellow inktern) Dave McLeod and I put together - turned out to be a bash and a half. I did make the mistake of setting the after-party for 11pm though, which led to us sitting alone in a near-empty bar and suffering through the barkeep's derisive comments ("Oh, so yoooou're the party we've been waiting for?" and "looks like you got stood up, huh?" ... nice!).

In retrospect, I've learned a simple lesson: Don't set an after-party to start before the free booze at the other party has finished flowing.

So, yeah, other than that: Good times ;)

On the bright side, people started trickling in by midnight and by 2:30 or so when I left the place was truly, truly hopping. Karen was there in fine form, celebrating her win of the Writer's Block award - won for all her work developing and nurturing the community over at Ink Canada.

All in all, I had a great night - I handed out a ton of business cards and met lots of fun, interesting people.

Why can't we do this more often??


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nathan said...

Nice catch on the outline!

The most important of all screenwriting "merit badges"!!!

Still working on mine. B characters always turn into nightmares for me.