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Monday, April 13, 2009

Indistinct Chatter (31 Days remaining...)

I've been hunkered down in this bunker for what seems like an eternity - I have good news:

There has been progress.

My spec pilot is done and Peter's been an absolute Being-of-Light about helping me figure out how to make it a stronger, leaner, faster animal. I've been going over things, taking notes, but I've decided to put that little wonder on hold whilst I get down to pumping out my other spec. I've got a pretty good sense of the story I want to tell (finally) but I'm still working on catching the voice of the show.

And so I'm all about breaking down episodes for my spec script - which, well, that's been an experience. My first 'official' break down took me about 7 hours for a 42 minute show and I felt every single second of it - seriously, it was probably one of the most demoralizing experiences I've had in a while.

I typed it all out by hand in Word (don't ask my why...), an incredibly detailed document on the surface that, upon looking deeper into it, revealed that I hadn't captured that much info at all. Digging deeper, I realized that I was in more trouble than I thought as using what I had managed to get was going to be almost more trouble than it was worth.

Turns out I'd spent most of my time writing the format of the document and less of the information that I actually needed.

Talk about losing sight of the forest.

Luckily, my fiancée is of the awesome and, after giving me that look - the 'why-would-you-do-that?' look - she set about putting together this awesome spreadsheet for me. Seriously, she is an Excel master - I mean, Damn.

Spreadsheets have never really been my thing - again, don't ask me why - but she's turned this thing into an artform. I'm over halfway through breaking the second episode (properly) after importing my old information into the template and I'm amazed how much time it's saved me. She's worked in little things like self-updating totals of who does what in what Act and when, which plots interact... Wow. Thank you, baby! (Did I mention she was of the awesome?)

In other news, as of tomorrow I have 30 days to get my application done and on the CFC's desk. I can practically hear that tick-tock as time clicks by - still, progress is going, it is being made.

Should have my first Outline for Thursday or Friday with the hope that I'll be starting my first draft on Sunday or Monday.

This thing's going to go right to the wire, I know it - but believe it or not, I find that fact kind of exciting. My last application, I misunderstood the date and started, oh, 6-7 months early on polishing the one script I already had while writing a new spec script.

This time it's 2 new scripts from scratch (after ditching an entire concept I'd been working on for months) and it's... well, it's brilliant. It's scaring the living shit out of me, but I'm loving every minute of it. Yeah, I definitely prefer to work under deadlines :P

I just hope what I've got now is better than what I had before.

Alright, back to it.


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nathan said...

Interesting... B think we could do an spreadsheet swap when you're done? I use Excel for plotting too, but if there are ways to automate and make the process more intuitive I'd be all over it.