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Monday, April 27, 2009

It's ALIIIIIVE! (17 Days Remaining...)

So, the goal seemed simple enough: Lock myself away for 2 full days, emerge with a finished script.

How'd I do?

Well, it's not 'done' but as of right now I'm knee-deep in Act 4. The more interesting part of the story is that I COULD have had it done - had I stuck to the plan.

Friday night was brilliant - I put the finishing touches on my outline just in time to curl up into a ball and die on my bed around 3am. It was done, it was done well - I was in love, I could feel the soft caress of the story in my mind as the world faded to black around me.

Then I awoke on Saturday - 7 am, no less - only to discover that my beautiful outline had a gaping hole in the middle. There I am, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, skittering down the page, making sure it all makes sense and then - what the hell?

Apparently my leaps of logic are not bound by the time-space continuum. So, yeah, that took most of the morning - figuring out just how deep the rabbit hole went (the blue pill tastes like mommy's kisses). Finally, after discovering just how much work was ahead of me - well, I kind of panicked. Yes, I'll admit it. I saw the bright, shining, beautiful day outside (24 degrees?!) - said 'fuck it' and went for a little walk to clear my head.

Though, deep down, I really, really didn't want to do the work to patch this sucker up.

"Why me?!" and "How the hell did this happen?" and... yeah, lots Emo/Country music twanging away in the back of my mind. Luckily for me, Momma nature decided I (and the rest of us) had been outside long enough, 'cause she dropped a good ol'-fashioned GTA Tornado on our heads. (Glossary - GTA Tornado: High winds that make us city-folk think the world is ending yet not even remotely close to the real deal).

On the short run home I came up with a plan of attack - since I wasn't going anywhere anyways. I sat back down, physically unplugged my Ethernet cable from the back of my PC, put my phone on vibrate and got down to it.

Then my roommates came home.

Long story short, I managed to actually get to work fixing up my outline around 7pm. At which point I (mostly) powered through. I managed to get it fixed for around midnight - and decided to call it in early... imagine if I'd somehow managed to work straight through? *sigh*

Sunday morning - I roll out of bed for 7 am, a new day, I'm ready to face the world. I write 'til noon when my stomach decides this whole 'work-till-you-drop' thing is nice and all but it's going to bust out the steel-toed boots soon if I don't make with the sustenance.

And my Roommates are up.

So we go out for brekkie. Back home for 1:30. Right, back to it for a few more - nope. I decide to (quickly) check my email. And maybe twitter a bit. Around 2pm I get a phone call from my mom, I'm an uncle again! My sister's just given birth to a preemie little girl. Apparently she's quite a fighter already. Wow - I'm an uncle 4 times over now. (there's a reality check for ya...).

Okay, back to it - I'm actually making progress - pages are flying by and soon I'm on page 23, it's 11pm - I can feel the spurs of progress digging into my side, egging me on. The fiancée calls to ask me how it's going - tells me how much she misses me. I miss you too baby - Just. Have. To. Power. Through.

Midnight rears its ugly head, then 1 am, then 2. I kick it in to high gear as hard as I can - I roll over onto page 43 before the sleep demons beat me over the head with their battle-axe-of-poor-sleeping-posture (+1).

My alarm wakes me up this morning at 6 am - my body's screeching at me, nerve-endings firing off in random cascades. Huh. So my feet aren't supposed to rest behind my head?

Right. I drag myself out of bed - head thudding - shower 2 days worth of 'ew' off me and prepare to get back to writing. Only, well, pain is not quite as good a motivator when you actually need to be able to think on some sort of consistent basis. So I pack it up, head to my chiro - who thought I'd died in a gutter some where - to get my spine turned back into some form of proper 'S'-curve. The headache/body apocalypse subsides just in time for me to pull into my cubicle.

I've got about 10-13 pages to go - with any luck I'll get them done tonight - and my first draft will be out and ready for public scrutiny/beating.

Anyone who's seen a good amount of the show 'Chuck' (season 2) care to read and critique a first draft? It'll have to be on the 'whoo, fast' kind of timeline tho' as I've got around 2 weeks to prep and deliver version 2.0.


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