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Monday, May 11, 2009

It's all over but the printing... (3 Days Remaining...)

That's it.

As soon as I put the finishing touches on my Letter of Intent, this baby's done. The 50 or so different files I've created, various drafts all, will be archived and the surviving ones shall be printed off and put into pretty folders meant for someone else's viewing.

I managed to squeeze out a 2.5 draft of my Chuck spec and it is, quite possibly, the most solid thing I've ever written. I'm very proud of it and I really want to thank all the readers who stepped up with amazing advice and insights. A special raising-of-the-roof goes out to Priscilla White for recognizing that my script needed a title change. Thanks to her it's now called "Chuck Versus The Game God" - I don't know how I missed that, but thank you! A much, much better title than I originally had.

Also, lots of props to Peter Rowley, Elize Morgan, Cameron Dixon and Jennifer Liao for being willing 1st-draft guinea pigs. It was Peter that suggested I de-Morgan my script (yes, my first draft was practically a love sonnet to the little-bearded-one).

And it was thanks to Elize and Jennifer's great notes that I came to realize that I was connecting to Morgan not because of the character (though he's one of my faves), but because of the story I had laid on his shoulders. It was one that I had, well, sort of been through myself. It was their notes that inspired me to go back and look at ways to connect with the A story, to discover what personal experience I could offer to Chuck's journey.

Cameron, well, he is the de-facto Grammar-God - to him I bow low for his knowledge of the intricacies of the English language and I'm sure General Beckman would thank him greatly for his help (man did I mess that chunk of dialogue up... !).

All-in-all, it turned out that Chuck needed something to rebel against - in a very 'Chuck' sort of way of course. And I figured that no matter how different our lives are, we're all afraid of change - so Chuck's journey needed to be about his call to step up, his rejection of it and finally an acceptance of responsibility that would help him save the day. It's all very basic but it laid the foundation that helped me figure out what I was missing and how to make the show more about Chuck in the second draft.

My C story ended up just being pure fun as I got to flip it around and make it about someone who's nothing but responsible being forced to step away from their perfectly sculpted life. I would say that hands down, this was my favourite part of the script to write. I also got to sneak in a reference to my all-time favourite pizza pie: The Tandoori Chicken Supreme (actually it's the 'Tandoori Chicken Magic'... but Supreme read a lot better in the script).

My other script, my spec pilot: 'Healer' - I'm still fussing over it like a mother hen, licking my wing-tips and pushing down feathers, polishing its little beak with my ... elbow-feathers...?

Okay, I may be going overboard with the chicken metaphor.

Thankfully, it's been very well-recieved - again Peter's been a total badass in helping me out with this one, he's been there offering a helpful ear and advice whenever I'd start to worry about it or needed to talk something out. It ended up being a page-one rewrite (which scared the hell out of me) but it turned out a lot better for it. Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate all your help.

Now it's a stronger, faster, leaner version - rebuilt from the ground up and ready to roll.

I spent all of this last weekend taking the sander to it, priming and painting, getting a coat of polish on it and letting it lay in the sun a bit - yep, it's pretty much as ready as its going to get.

And that's when the reality of it all starts to sink in: it's all over but the printing.

I've arranged to take Wednesday off from work and I'll be heading on over to one of them nice printing shops to get it all done up perdy-like.

With any luck, it'll be on the CFC's desk a day early - as I'll be delivering it myself, by hand.

I figure it'll be a suitable finale for months and months worth of hard labour, self-doubt, teeth-gnashing and sweaty pillows.

And yet, as things seem to wind down around here it turns out that I have another bit of an announcement to make:

I've been promoted!

That's right, no longer just an 'Inktern' over at Ink Canada, I'll be working with Karen, two other Junior Editors and some new Inkterns to help bring new and exciting content to the site. It's going to be a lot more work and a lot more fun but I'm looking forward to both!

It's been a busy six months or so but I'm proud of what I've got here between my quivering, type-callused fingertips. I truly believe that I'm ready to bust into the Prime Time Program and work my butt off even more.

Now I just hope the CFC agrees with me ;)


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