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Monday, May 04, 2009

On The Horizon (10 days remaining)

We're in the home stretch now - 10 days left to go.

10 days until my application will be sitting on the desks of the CFC.

Last week was a tad less productive than I would've liked - I managed to come down with some sort of virus that left me a dizzy, horrible mess (sorry Elize... on your B-day no less!). I could barely focus my eyes let alone work on my script.

I did manage to go out to a great lil' shindig though before I ended up on the recovery wagon.

Set in the vein of Jill Golick's Writer's Watching TV, Web Creator's Show And Tell was a night for Web content and their creators to come out and strut their stuff. It was a great night with some really interesting projects on the go - namely: meta-faith.com, intehtoobs.net, team-leader.com and Golick's own haileyhacks.com

I love the web, I think there's a fantastic amount of potential here. I love that this is a place where there really is room for everyone. Now, whether you can make money off that or not... well, that's a whole other story.

The more I think about it, the more it seems that the more direct control a writer has over the fate of their work the less money they get to earn for it.

In Film, a screenwriter can get paid millions of dollars to go off and write something but the moment its handed in, that's it. Any say they have in the film (barring indie/pet projects etc... for which they don't get paid much...) is pretty much toast.

In TV, same deal, but writers have a bit more say... we also make a tad less money (unless you happen to be one of those few who are always gainfully employed).

Then you get into things like Plays and such where the writer's words are LAW... but, hell... I haven't heard much about your average playwright making regular laughing trips to the bank.

And then we have the Web. A world-wide maze of bulletin boards (or tubes) where you have tens of millions of people creating content for free. Sure some are making money, some are making LOTS of money. But most aren't.

So, yeah, I wonder why that is. Is it as simple as market forces and promotion? Maybe quality versus quantity? Or, maybe, just a matter of fact that the people (studios) who make movies just have a lot more money to play with (bigger pond, etc.)?

I dunno... it's just a weird little thought that came into my head one night as my noticed my head was spinning in a fixed position.

That said, my best wishes go out to the passionate web content creators I met - there's some great ideas there, a sense of some brilliant stuff in the works. I hope you all end up to be millionaires, truly.

In other news, the second draft of my Chuck spec is DONE. Finito. And, yes, it is a hell of a lot better than my 1st draft - which, as one kind reader pointed out 'seemed like a Morgan spotlight episode'. So, yeah. Remember that earlier post where I talked about falling in love with my B story? I thought I'd fixed it, but apparently not.

Of course, it's all better now ;)

And so the screws've been screwed, the bolts've been tightened and a fresh new coat of paint is drying. I'm quite happy with how it all turned out - hopefully the CFC peeps will enjoy it.

Now I'm working on the 2nd draft of my spec pilot - giving it a general makeover; waxing the eyebrows, tinting the roots - coloured contacts, mani/pedi - the whole works. Still the same general premise, just trying to make it... prettier. We'll see how that turns out.

Other than that, just keeping on at it - working on the wedding. I spent all of Saturday with the fiancée, running around town looking at photographers and venues. We actually managed to decide on both, so that's a huge achievement in my eyes. Right now our wedding date's going to be August 29th, this year. We'll see how it all plays out - I'm pretty sure that's the final date (deposits have been made, followup appointments written down on actual paper with pen), but who knows? Our next goal is to secure an officiant and a place for the ceremony proper.

That may have to wait until after the application is away - but again, progress to be proud of.

Slow steps, but sure steps ;)

Cheers all,

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