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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Invitation ideas

Slow day today, been working away on various concepts for the wedding invitations I don't know if they're going to work out in the end... but hey, I like'm.

These are only potential backgrounds - the actual invitation layouts are still in the midst of being made - but at least I'm having some fun with the process n.

Feel free to take these and have fun with'em - if you'd like the .psd files, let me know ;)

In other news, has anyone else noticed that Toronto citizens seem pretty much okay so far with the whole 'overflowing-trash-bins' thing? I spent my lunch break walking around downtown and nary a glance or an overheard pissy comment about it.



P.S: In case you were wondering, that symbol on the pictures is the (apparently) the Chinese character for Marriage... or was it Wedding? I can't recall specifically...

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