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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Newbie's Guide To Writing A TV Series PITCH Bible

Aha! Sooo... yeah, first drafts and all being what they are - apparently I forgot there's a (massive) difference between a 'Series' bible and a 'Pitch' bible. (Thanks Tommy!)

So, after tackling that lil' oversight, I've been working away to fix a bunch of other problems that've been suggested while updating other sections wherever the inclination strikes me.

I've also taken Rich's advice and moved it over to Google Docs where it can be edited by, well, pretty much anyone. If you'd like to be a contributor to it, let me know in the comments section and I'll send you an invite.

For now, check out version 1.10 of

A Newbie's Guide To Writing A TV Series Pitch Bible.

I'm going to work on keeping this document current (and free) for any and all who'd like to make use of it. Please, please any and all feedback is appreciated - my goal is to make this THE go-to document for people looking to make their first (or next) Pitch bible.

Hope you find it useful!

On a side note: anyone know how to make realistic pages show up in Google Docs? I know you can add your own Page breaks wherever you want, but I'd like it if I had the option to format it toward a standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Also: What are my options for pretty-ing up this doc in Google Docs? The basic webpage it exports to is kinda... yeah, hard on the eyes. Suggestions are always welcome.

In other news, I'm working away on my wedding invitations - trying to come up with something fun and/or cute and/or 'special' enough for the wedding. It's really sort of slow going 'cause, well, it's kind of design by committee at the moment.

Originally, I had the idea to do it Godzilla-style - with us being represented by giant versions of our Chinese Zodiac characters (I'm a Monkey, she's a Snake) - Was going to have me climbing up Toronto's CN Tower on one side and her wrapped around Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower -- somehow finding love in the middle...

But that got shot down.

So I'm moving towards something softer, cuter, with more red and Chinese characters.

I'm still pulling for some giant monsters in the background tho'... ;)


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