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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back and/or Forth

Okay, seriously: life, you need to chill the ef out, okay??

Right, so when I last got around to posting I was set to go take copious amounts of wedding photos and generally expect to get doused by rain water.

The good news is that the rain never came - though it flirted with us pretty heavily (let's just say we almost made it to second base...).

We ended up running around Toronto in some sort of pre-wedding Triathlon, jumping from the car to snap a few at a park here or a U of T there. Generally managing to be pointed at, snickered at and/or 'AWWWWW'ed at for a good 5 hours or so. On the bright side, it was totally, insanely worth it (my fiancée wore her dresses like a champ... seriously, yeah, wow).

Once it seemed like we couldn't POSSIBLY get any more shots in, we ended up back at the studio proper where we went through even more costume changes and photos. All-in-all we ended up with almost 200 pictures... from which we got to pick 24. On another day - which was just this past Sunday.

More on that in a moment.

The week that followed was, well, frustration and work. I've been slaving away on this great lil' flash animation for my wedding invite (to make it original and cool) only to end up at a crossroads. I love what it became but my fiancée, not so much. So it's been back to the drawing board. That said, fingers crossed, I'm going to have the final, final, final version done tonight and then we can have it out and gone.

This last Sunday we managed to head back up Richmond-Hill-way to select the cream of the crop for our photos... which'll be put together in a nifty lil' book. Of course, selecting just the 24 that we were allowed was insanely hard - luckily for us, they were more than willing to let us take another 30 (minimum)... at 10 bucks a piece. Now, those extra 30 wouldn't receive professional retouching or anything... but hey, what's an extra $300 on top of what you've already paid, right?


Personally, I have to admire that kind of thinking. It's really a rather brilliant sort of business sense. Get the client to pay a reasonable (tho' still moderately exorbitant) amount of money to get their pictures taken -- knowing that selecting only the top 20-ish pics would be a massive/heartbreaking task -- and then offer them the ability to get MORE pictures at a somewhat ludicrous price.

Remember that the $10 per picture gets you the digital files on a CD. No extra work on behalf of the photographer -- no prints, no cropping or editing of any sort. The product is already there. If you want more of it, it's gonna cost you. If not, there's the door.

Also, by adding a minimum to the photos you can buy, you're guaranteed to get at least an extra $300 off the back-end of your client. When we were going through the photos we most likely would've been happy with about another 15 of our 'must-haves'. But because we still had another 15 pics to the minimum we ended up picking a few of the 'sortas' to round out the number... and then re-fell in love with a few of the left-over 'meh-sortas' that ended up bringing the total to 33 - or an extra $330.

What can I say? Brilliant.

I wonder how this kind of thinking could be translated into the Canadian Film and Television industry? (I mean, if it hasn't already).

I was originally thinking that the analogue of this might be Fee For Carriage... but then I realized it's not very apt. I mean, at least as clients we got the actual choice of whether or not we wanted to spend that extra $300. If Fee For Carriage passed, well - short of canceling one's cable service - there wouldn't be much choice for consumers.

Then again... maybe I'm reaching in my need for a segue...?

See, I've been attempting to play catch-up with the CRTC - on both the CMF details and the Net Neutrality hearings. Twitter has been my friend throughout the whole thing but it's still damn hard to glean any sort of insight (or subtext) out of 140 characters.

Things are slowly starting to normalize but so far it's a bit of a mess on both sides - at least from what I can figure. Right now Michael Geist is my Canadian Media News deity and I'm clinging on to there while trying not to drown in the data stream.

I'll be diving more into it later this week (I still have an article brewing on the history of the CRTC, who they are and why we need them -- yes, I haven't forgotten) but for now it's a matter of getting those damned invitations out the door... er... inbox.

More to come!


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Rich Baldwin said...

A similar structure would be:

You get a number of cable channels of your choice at the min. price, but of course that number is too low - you're going to want about twice that. You can get the extra channels . . . for a price per channel, with a min. required number of extra channels to purchase. The min. required number is more than the number of channels you'll consider 'must-have', so maybe you'll spend some time finding even more channels that, on recollection, you'll really want.

I don't think I'd like this system; it's the sort of business trick that people will buy into once in awhile, or on special occasions . . . but not as a monthly thing. And the web would kill it dead *fast*.

But for your wedding . . . hey, it's once in a lifetime. Glad you had fun with the photos!