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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bachelorized - T minus 2 days

Sooo... last night was my bachelor party.

My warm and fuzzy send-off from the land of being a single man.

And I gotta say, it was a damn fine time. Of course, leave it to my best friend (and best man) to think outside the box on this one. No strippers, no carousing, no debauchery.

No tag-alongs.

Just me and the hardcore. The close friends. My comrades.

Honestly, it wasn't the kind of bachelor party they show to you on the big screen (or the small screen for that matter)... and really, I couldn't ask for more.

We started at 11pm -- which worked out rather well 'cause I spent most of the lead-in time going over our playlist for the wedding -- and drove off into the night.

Our first stop was in my ol' stompin' grounds. Wandering around the area, marvelling about how much it had changed -- or hadn't. Lots of reminiscing, lots laughter... and of course, no visit to the ol' area would be complete without running into a loud, obnoxious drunk man yelling at the sides of houses for the voices inside to come out and fight him like a man.

To his credit, he turned to us with a crooked smile and proudly announced "Never mind me, I'm drunk!" to which I replied "No problem, have a good night".

He smiled, nodded and then returned to yelling at houses.

Ahhh how I've missed the ol' neighbourhood.

What followed probably would've been more justified if I had've been drunk, but hey, last night on Earth and such, right? Laughing like the goofballs we were, we basically regressed about 15 years and proceeded to go off on our own lil' adventure -- which included us disappearing down a strange, dark wooded trail at 1 in the morning, laughing and joking about how 'these young men entered the woods, never to be heard from again'.

Ahh yes, good times! Celebrate the end of an era by opening ourselves up to being slasher movie fodder (I did end up getting a great idea for a movie from the whole thing... so yeah... bonus!).

We hiked through the woods, listening to the odd sounds of things rummaging around in the foliage, doing our best to follow the path while scaring ourselves silly.

It was a bunch of spooky fun as we stumbled amongst the bush, stopping to take random pictures and eventually emerging (safe and sound) far from where we parked. A good 40 min walk actually.

Yeah, needless to say I slept rather soundly last night.

I know that there probably aren't a whole lot of people who would have enjoyed spending their bachelor party like that -- it certainly doesn't sound like much on paper... but that's what makes it so frickin' great: a night tailored to all my best quirks accompanied by my closest mates.

Simple and fun... hell, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Thanks guys!

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