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Monday, August 17, 2009


Peeking up from the mess - we're officially 12 days out from the big day and man are things starting to get hairy.

On the bright side, this last week has been über-productive on the wedding front.

We're booked, booked and booked on the Honeymoon - finally. Coming up with the game plan was hard enough, figuring out how to execute it was... yeah.

I just wanna say that we went through a good number of travel agents, trying to find the kind of honeymoon we wanted at a price that wasn't... well... death to ze wallet. Turns out that if you want something done right, you ask your fiancée.

Unhappy with the kinds of deals and such we were getting, she said 'I can do better' - and then she did. Within minutes of receiving an email stating 'this is the very best price you're going to get' she hit the web and - literally, within minutes - beat that 'best price' by several hundred dollars. So... uh... yeah. Wow.

In total, thanks to her dogged research and general badass-ness, we've managed to shave a good $1200 or so off their 'best' price. So, yeah, we're going to Hawaii for 2 weeks - including staying at a 5 star resort... pretty swanky!! I helped mostly by reading reviews and travel books and sites like Tripadvisor.com (which seriously, seriously rocks!) - lots of comparing places and chats about what's closest to the best activities (let alone what the best activities are).

Some of it was good timing (including a fortuitous 3am seat sale) but most of it was just good ol' fashioned digging in the heels and saying 'this is what we want, now how can we get the best bang for our buck?'

Yes, I'm definitely a lucky, lucky man :P

We also managed to get the cake ordered and have a meeting with our MC - trying to figure out how this thing is actually going to be pulled off. We started talking about music, about the mood we want to create, and we realized that 'traditional' isn't really our style. Sure, we'll try and get some classic stuff in there but we definitely don't want it to be too mushy.

I started looking up wedding playlists to get an idea of what seems to get a lot of air play and... wow, yeah, I dunno, most of it seems to be just dripping with the saccharine-y sweetness.

For now we're mixing it up with Chinese and English music, trying to hit a nice balance that shows who we are. Which can be hard 'cause, well, I'm a big ol' geek.

I tried to see if we can fit The Final Countdown in there but alas, I was denied.

Also tried to get this in for the Wedding march. Shot down again.

I tell ya... so hard to please. :P

More to come soon.


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