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Friday, August 07, 2009

IGN lies about GI Joe review

Just happened upon this - what can I say, I was expecting to read that GI Joe was shambles. I was expecting it to be a trainwreck.

Then I go and see this while perusing one of my favourite game and move review sites:

And hell yeah! I wanna know if it is, indeed, 'Yo, Joe!' or 'Oh, No'!

So I click the link and read the review.

It practically gushes about the depth of the characters and the action-packed set pieces. It goes on to talk about how great this flick is if you just give in to your inner child.

And, well, I scoff. 'cause well, it sounds like utter bullshit.

Then I see this and my eyebrows raise 3 official notches:

Apparently Rotten Tomatoes - a site that I visit often and tend to agree with on most things - loves the shit out of this movie. 86 critics think that this movie is the utter shiznit.


How could several shitty trailers and horrible industry buzz be so absolutely wrong?!

Hell, now I gotta read these reviews!

So I click the link, waiting to see who drooled all over themselves for this flick. I mean, this thing must be the next goddamn Titanic with scores that high.

Uh, yeah, apparently not.

Apparently, IGN's fudging the numbers... just a tad. Or, you know... bald-faced lying.

On RT's site proper, only 53 reviewers have even bothered to weigh in on this flick and of them 30 think the movie is utter shite.

It's simple logic, really - the numbers were down (not really reflecting the tone of the kick-ass review they'd pre-written) so IGN just figured that the next 33 reviews would be AWESOME and went accordingly.

So, yeah, IGN obviously wants to sell some tickets. They've probably got lots of money flowing in to make this crapfest look good.

But how'd RT get suckered into this?

Oh. Well, colour me surprised.

IGN Entertainment OWNS Rotten Tomatoes.

Right. Uhhh... when did that happen?? Man, have I been asleep at the wheel or what.

So, it looks like I'm in need of a new movie review site 'cause, yeah... this is pretty pathetic.

From what I'd heard, they wouldn't even screen this movie for critics.

Luckily, IGN and Rotten Tomatoes have our collective backs.

Thanks guys. Glad to know that you're on our side.


Note: These screen shots were taken around 12pm today - who knows how long this review's been up on the site?

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