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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Professionalism - or the Lack Thereof

There is no more stressful occasion than to deal with someone who presents themself as a 'professional' yet, when hired, cannot understand the concepts at work behind the word.

One-and-a-half weeks before our wedding, we're discovering (the hard way) that our MC is... well... a bit of a flake.

Our first meeting was this last Sunday - everything seemed to go well, he seemed intelligent and fun and knowledgeable... he talked a good game. Tab A goes into slot B sort of stuff, but seemed experienced enough.

We ended the meeting on a positive note with him agreeing to email us a list of wedding games and an itinerary of how he sees the reception playing out. That was Sunday afternoon.

I've since called and emailed him several times, each time he's jovial - he's been busy, he forgot, he'll do it by end of day.

Except that the days keep passing and every day nothing happens. We even let him upsell us on having an audio setup (with mixer, nice speakers, mic stand, etc.) - an extra $100 but hey, it's our wedding. He came highly recommended and his price ($250 for the night) was damn good and hard to beat.

Thing is, sometimes you do - in fact - get what you pay for.

A week and a half out from our big day and this guy's not shaking a leg. Worse off, he's not communicating. You see, rather than emailing us or calling us to apologize - to say that he's been busy, that he didn't get around to it today - he's just gone dark.

And you can't go dark a week and a half before a wedding. I'm sorry.

Thing is, time's wasting and we're feeling sort of screwed - having an MC that's fluent in Mandarin and English is a must for us (which severely limits the field). We're stressed enough getting everything together as it is and now I have to harass someone I'm paying to do the job I'm paying them for.

Yeah. Not good.

I called him this morning and it rang twice before going right to voice mail. Moreso, the frustrated part of my brain knows that he saw my number and chose to ignore me (I've called and left messages before where it's rang like 5 times before voice mail kicks in... essentially, he sent my call to voice mail).

Anyways, I left a message for him to call me at 12-1pm today so we can discuss things. It's 1:30, not a word. I got into work today and sent him an email at 10am, asking him to email that list for me this afternoon. No response.

There's something to be learned in all this and it's actually quite simple: Don't take the job if you can't do the job.

What bothers me most about this isn't even the fact that he's not treating this like a priority (he may have other jobs on the go, I dunno). What bothers me is that he doesn't take the time to communicate.

Especially the (rather important) fact that he's not capable of living up to his word.

And so now I've got to try and find us a good backup MC who can put something together in a week or less who won't utterly destroy our budget in the process. My fiancée is worried about me ticking him off and then he might not show at all, but I refuse to be held hostage by someone who clearly doesn't give a shit.

If you work for me, you work for me - if you can't do that then let me know and hit the road.

Simple as that.


Wish me luck,

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kaiyn said...

Wishing you luck, Brandon. I hope things get resolved soon!