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Saturday, August 29, 2009

T minus 2 hours

This is it folks... in two hours I'm going to be getting married.

2 hours.

I'd like to say that my palms aren't doing that thing where mini-waterspouts suddenly erupt from my palms or that not I'm neurotically obsessing over small details (yes, every single rechargeable battery in the house has been charged, thank you very much)... but alas, that's not the case.

That said, I'm not so much nervous for us (I'm relatively sure she's going to say 'I do')... I just want everyone to show up and have a great time.

See, in that purely logical part of my brain I know that everything's going to go fine, we're surrounded by friends and family -- well-wishers all.

And yet I can still feel that cyclone forming in my gut. Yes, sometimes emotion just tackles reason to the ground and beats it with a pointy-club. (Caveman definitely trumps Astronaut).

At least we've gotten quite comfortable in tackling our problems together. (Can Tag-Team Astronauts beat a Caveman...??)

We tried creating a battle-plan for the night but soon came to the realisation that this thing is most likely not going to go off as planned. Thus we created the 'Battle-short-form-list-of-things-that-absolutely-must-happen'.

Much more flexible.

Also, big props to my Dad who's decided to brave the crowds and perform for us a song that he wrote himself. He's nervous as hell (he's never performed in public before - let alone a song he wrote) but I know he'll knock it out of the park. Thanks Dad!

Alright, time to get dressed. (Showing up at the wedding in shorts and a T-shirt is probably a bit of a no-no).


P.S: Yes, that's me in my 'grown-up' face. Serious business. Not sure how I feel about it just yet.


MaryP said...

Congratulations, Brandon! Marriage is HOT! Enjoy :-)

Rich Baldwin said...