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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

T minus 4 Days

Holy crap! 4 Days.

In 4 days I'm getting married.

And we're still figuring out what music we're going to use.

Incidentally, little things like 'what music are you going to play at the wedding?' should not just start to be addressed 1 week before the wedding.

Also, it's good to really establish one's musical 'tone' as early on as possible.

We, uh, didn't... thus there's been a lot of nights this week of us staying up, side by side -- computer by computer (awww!) -- until 2-3 am submitting, bartering for and/or vetting each others tracks for the wedding. The goal is to come up with a master list first and then figure out where/how to slot it all in (hopefully) before the actual day of the wedding.

I'll trade you one 'Back In Black' for two of your 'The Power Of Love's.

So far we're doing pretty good we're also mixing some Chinese tracks into the mix and that's been the easiest of them all to pick out. Most of the songs she's presented to me are ones that are true hits, some that've earned literally billions of people's approval (a nationwide hit is a REAL nationwide hit... no joke). All of them -- even though I can barely understand a word they're saying (my Mandarin, frankly, sucks) -- are beautiful in some way or another.

She's also introduced me to the Pipa and the Chinese Violin -- instruments whose sounds I've fallen in love with at an almost molecular level.

In other news, our MC issues appear to be figured out. We're toughing it out with this guy, hoping he'll pull through for us -- this is mostly due to the fact that, well, there aren't any other options. The others I've called are booked or exceedingly expensive.

On the plus side, he's actually responding to emails now -- I think the not-too-subtle mention of looking elsewhere helped get hit attention back on track.

Worst comes to worst I'm practicing my mad juggling skills (in which I have zero proficiency) to help keep the crowd interested in a worst case scenario.

Consider my fingers officially crossed for the better.

On a final note: I decided to scare my ass silly about the honeymoon (as us storytellers are wont to do) and did a Google-search on 'Hawaii + Danger'.

Apparently the most deadly marine creature in the world hangs out near the beaches of Waikiki.

Yes folks, the Box Jellyfish can apparently kill you from the intense agony of its sting alone in about 2-3 minutes. One full-grown Box Jellyfish has enough venom in its stingers to kill 20 full grown humans without breaking a sweat.

Cool beans, eh?!

Don't even get me started on the Portuguese Man o' Wars.

On the bright side, the chances of getting stung by any of these things is pretty slim... but still, yeah...

Mother Nature does not dick around!


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Rich Baldwin said...

Brandon, if worse comes to worse you should try to get some of your film-related friends to screen something for your audience while they wait for the wedding to start. You could have a filmie wedding!

Actually, that sounds kind of gross . . . maybe another term would be better.