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Monday, November 09, 2009

Side Effects

I've noticed that there's been an interesting side-effect to my eternal quest to drop my weight into the realm of 'not-obese' (thank you, Wii Fit).

My wedding ring keeps wanting to fly south for the winter.

Yep, every once and a while -- while gesticulating or generally 'talking' -- my ring will make a break for it.

Bags packed and ready to go, it lies in wait for that perfect moment, crouched at the brink, hardly breathing, ready to pounce.

Today it made a full-tilt run at the edge and lept for freedom; a bold, brash 'hey-I-can-see-my-house-from-here' break for the door.

And I didn't suspect a thing until I noticed its gleaming halo flying through the air.

Needless to say, the image of me chasing a rolling wedding band down the hall at work was quite sight to behold.

I've seriously considered crazy-glue at this point, but I may just go with a resizing.

That said, the idea of paying someone to take gold out of my ring seems a bit ridiculous... :S -- I wonder if they hand the glittering remnants back to me in a little CSI-style forensics baggy or something afterward?

In other news, I've managed to get my Chuck spec back on track. Turns out that the general feedback was positive tho' the major complaint was that it felt like a season 1 spec.

Which, yeah, is problematic.

So I decided to throw caution to the wind and say 'screw season 2'... I've remastered my baby (with a heaping re-imagining of dialogue) into a Season 3 spec. This, of course, has lead to me sneaking far into spoiler territory for one of my favourite shows -- an excursion I fear has wounded my soul (while breaking my own sacred 'no spoiler' self-pact) yet has yielded vast riches in the way of relevant story points.

Points that have been judiciously (deliciously?) extrapolated upon to solidify it's stature in the 3rd season -- though I must admit to a somewhat maternal fear that I might be a bit too far ahead of the curve on this one.

That said, I'm liking how this has turned out so far, yes, there's probably another draft awaiting after this -- aaaalways another draft -- but for now I shall begin the final wrap-up touches before sending it out to be beaten about the head and neck.

After that, well, then I get to dust off my spec pilot all proper-like. More on that shortly.


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