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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

Hey, 2009, thanks for the memories.

But I'm rather glad to see you go.

Rather than looking backward over the chaos of this last year (let alone this last decade) I want to look forward.

And hey, since we're looking forward, let's really swing for the fences here.

2010 will be the year we get it right.

It'll be the year we finally see ourselves in the mirror, taking a long sober look at the insanity behind us. A reflection on the devastation we've wreaked amongst ourselves.

It'll be the year that we finally decide enough is enough, where the silent majority finally work to stabilize the lunatic fringe. Religious, political or otherwise.

We'll figure out this world hunger crap, end racial intolerance, clean the planet, save the whales and stop global warming.

Our personal lives will become personal again, our children will be raised with care and our companies will give us more time to spend with our families.

Technology will actually make our lives easier and safer, Science will make our lives better and longer and we'll come to understand our role in the universe.

As a species, we'll take things slower -- think before we act, question before we speak and open ourselves to our fellows. We'll look out for one another, from an honest place of compassion and respect. We'll look farther than just our own gain, make the right calls in a clinch and expect better of ourselves.

We'll be better and smarter, more caring and aware. We'll accept each other as equals and share in the bounty of the Human spirit together.

Together we'll figure out how to make the system work for everyone.

And finally, at long last, peace will find itself in the Middle East.

Yes, 2010 will be our year of rebirth -- a step in the right direction, a push forward for Humanity as a whole.

Or... maybe not.

But, hey, if the dreams of sleeping cats can change the world... then why the hell not give it a shot myself? Maybe, just maybe, if the dream is good enough -- if it is craved and wanted for and called for by enough people... then, hey, why not?

Can't hurt to dream, right?

Happy New Year to you all... here's hoping for something better.


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