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Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, Look: Writing! (Just Kidding)

Been a while since I've updated on my actual writing activities... so I figure now's as good a time as any.

I've been chipping away at an old Original Series, trying to re-figure out how the foundation's supposed to fit together. I thought I had it before but then realized that uh, no.

So I've taken it back to the drawing board, trying to re-discover who my characters are and why this series exists.

Which, incidentally, has always been the killer for me: "Why this show, why these characters? Why YOU?"

A part of me doesn't even want to think about these questions right now -- it's hard to pimp a skeleton, let alone one that's still re-calcifying.

All I can think about is how I want to sink away into a quiet abyss for a week or two, to hammer things out in my head; To weld, solder, whack, beat, crush, mold and spackle.

Looking at my holiday calendar... well, yeah, not likely to happen.

So it looks like, thus far, the answer to the above questions are officially: I don't know, I don't know and I don't know.

Guess I'm still searching for that spark? I thought I found it before but then it fizzled.

I've got a "Cool Idea" and a "Strong Concept"... just gotta figure out how to make it float and move forward at the same time.

"But where are you going to pitch it??"

"Will it appeal to a family/mostly-female demographic?"

Don't know. Should I know? Trying not to think. Clicking off Logical thought processes. Switching to 'abstract goo' mode.

~Colourz r prety~


They say that every writer's got like ten thousand or so crappy pages inside'em and that the sooner we get them out of us, the better. After that, we get to the good stuff. Unfortunately I find myself agonizing over each and every one of them, desperately wanting them to be good.

Which they can be.

If I'm willing to go over each and every one of them 3 times.

Which currently appears to be the game plan.

Also, lately, I've been having nightmares that somehow I forgot how to tell a story.

Not sure why, but it's been somewhat recurring and actually sort of terrifying. I guess it's the Writer's equivalent of the whole 'showing up to class to give a speech while naked' thing. Except it's a campfire that's got all our wonderful urban legends sitting around it (hook-hand guy, etc), waiting... not so patiently... for me to come up with a 'new' story for them.

(They don't wait long).

My wife's been kind enough to tell me that I've 'just got writer's block' which is a distinct possibility. However, the idea that my 'block' would be following me into dreamland is somewhat unnerving.

Denis has constantly recommended a little book called 'The War of Art' and so that's on my list to pick up and read over this coming holiday season. I'm hoping it'll prove inspirational.

So far my solution has been to just sit at a keyboard and type it out. Whatever random craziness comes out of me, well, that'll be that. Been doing it for a few days now and it shows no real sign of stopping.

On the bright side, well, I have got some wacked-out stuff sitting there. Maybe I can use it later on.



Michael said...

I will take a chance on such a lame-ass, no-brainer suggestion, Brandon, but do you have a media-arts co-op organization close by?
I am a member of the Island Media Arts Co-Op, based in Charlottetown, P.E.I., and find them to be a very inspirational group for production, learning and interacting.


Just a thought.

Brandon Laraby said...

There are, actually, a few co-ops in Toronto... I've had it on my list to look into them this year... maybe I should get on that sooner than later ;)

Thanks for the suggestion!